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Goalrilla STBLZR Goals

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For those who desire a hoop that performs at an elite level, Goalrilla STBLZR goals deliver. These hoops are redefining the standard for residential basketball hoops with revolutionary anti-shake technology and performance akin to what you’d expect in a professional arena.

A Peek Under the Hood of Goalrilla STBLZR Hoops

The STBLZR series uses an innovative, patented anti-shake mechanism called a Tuned Mass Damper. This small, resonant system is added to the top of the Goalrilla STBLZR goal. It reduces vibration by absorbing kinetic energy. The STBLZR unit completely stops the shake of the goal in less than 4 seconds following a dunk or rebound. Some goals can take up to a full minute to return to rest after a shock to the goal. The STBLZR technology allows players to stay focused on the game and maximize their practice time.

This technology had previously only been used in earthquake prone areas to prevent buildings from eroding during excessive movement and agitation from earthquakes. This one-of-a-kind technology has never been used on a basketball system, until now. The reduction in shake puts these systems in line with the stringent requirements of professional, commercial basketball systems (NBA, College, etc.). A variety of methods are used to accomplish that feat with commercial systems. Goalrilla brings that technology to your home!

More to Love About the Goalrilla STBLZR Goals

Goalrilla STBLZR goals quickly rose to popularity after their introduction to the Goalrilla lineup, and it’s not hard to see why. In addition to their revolutionary anti-shake technology, the STBLZR goals also feature Goalrilla staples like extremely thick steel, multiple support arms, and additional bracing. These goals are available in 2 popular and versatile sizes: the 60″ x 38″ Goalrilla CV60S and the regulation size 72″ x 42″ Goalrilla CV72S.

The STBLZR goals combine everything fans love about Goalrilla’s CV series with the groundbreaking anti-shake STBLZR technology. Each CV goal comes complete with universal backboard pad and universal pole pad for player protection during aggressive play. Questions about the Goalrilla STBLZR goals? Give us a call or chat now to speak with a BasketballGoalStore expert!