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We get it: purchasing a basketball goal is a big decision. You want to make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable dealer who will provide you with the service you deserve and the Goalrilla goal you want at an unbeatable price. At, we make it our top priority to do just that. We offer chat and phone support seven days per week for your convenience. All reviews are from verified customers and are courtesy of a third party service provider (Shopper Approved). Call us at (800) 689-0281 with any questions or to speak with a basketball goal specialist today!

Why Did We Chose Shopper Approved For Our Reviews at BasketballGoalStore?

Reviews, reviews, and more reviews. They are everywhere now. And understandably so, people want to know what other people think of a company or product. It gives us comfort to know that other people purchased something and whether they liked it or didn’t. For years, we had reviews on our website that we had solicited through an email survey years ago. These reviews were not accredited, meaning that technically, we could have made them up if we wanted to, there was no third party website out there that was making sure that these reviews came from actual paying customers.

In our grand quest to find a more credible and reputable way of displaying and storing reviews, we turned to a third party customer review and rating software. What this did, is it essentially took the power out of our hands, and gave it over to another party to manage and administer all of our surveys. While it was scary and sad to have to scrap all of our existing reviews, in the end Shopper Approved reviews are much more credible and we are now able to spread our reviews to many more websites and ads, now that they are accredited.

Why did we choose Shopper Approved? While there are many choices out there for review software, few actually have an agreement with Google that allows their reviews to be syndicated directly.  Google has entrusted a small number of review sites to do this that have exclusive agreements, to try and keep the reviews that they display, as honest as possible.  They require various standards, including not allowing the sites that use them to ever delete or get rid of any negative reviews.  

Shopper Approved has a great reputation in the industry and after days of research, we decided to take the plunge and turn our reviews over to them. We’ve been impressed with their customer service and hand-holding as we took on the arduous task of set up. Now that it’s in place, it’s proven to be a great tool to demonstrate our high level of customer service that we bring to our customers.

Why didn’t we create our own review system or stick with the one we had? So, say for example that I’d like to open a store tomorrow, I can install and create my own review software on my website, but for obvious reasons, If I have control of all of my reviews, there is a serious conflict of interest there. Case in point, Pro Dunk Hoops has reviews on their website that are controlled only by them, no outside third party. Therefore, their reviews are less credible and able to be manipulated, even faked. Google will not allow someone to host their own reviews, then syndicate them with Google. To see a third party review site for Pro Dunk Hoops, you can check out their Yelp page at