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Frequently Asked Questions

    • General Basketball Goal and Goalrilla Questions

      Why is overhang important?

      Overhang is important to your game: The more, the better. True regulation overhang is 4 feet.  Overhang can create major problems if a goal adjusts to lower than 7.5 feet. At that height, it will be encroaching onto the driveway, putting it at risk of being hit by vehicles backing up, causing expensive damage. For more information on overhangs, check out this blog article.

      What is the difference between a Heavy Duty Rim & a Medium Duty Rim?

      Both the Medium Weight and Heavy Weight rim have one spring.
      The spring is stronger in the Heavy Weight rim and the overall “box” size of the rim is larger – thus the different mounting patterns.

      Are the CV (clear view) backboards as sturdy as the goals with the “reinforced” glass, such as the GSI, GSII, and GSIII?

      The reinforcements on the CV models are redesigned to go to the side of the glass, which gives it similar stability to the GS models, and allows it to have the clear view backboard.

      Can I lock the height of the goal in place?

      Yes! Goalrilla systems offer you a convenient way to keep your goal at a certain height.  The handle to crank the goal can be removed by taking out a pin, and stored for safe keeping.  Many parents like to crank their goals up to a regulation height of 10 feet for their kids, remove the crank handle, and get their children more used to the height that they will be playing on in school.

      Can I replace my backboard on my current Goalrilla goal with a bigger backboard?

      Unfortunately, you are unable to upgrade the backboards to larger sizes.  The steel for each goal that extends from the pole, attaches to each backboard differently.

      Can I take my goal with me if I move?

      Absolutely!  In fact, this semi-portability is one of the greatest features of a Goalrilla goal.  Your goal will be installed on an independent anchor system. If you move, it’s as simple as unbolting 4 bolts from the bottom of the goal, moving the goal to the new home, and purchasing and installing a new anchoring system at the new home.  If you’d like more information on the Goalrilla anchoring system or to purchase one, please contact us!

      What is the Goalrilla Warranty?

      All Goalrillas come with a lifetime warranty. For more details, visit the manufacturer’s website.

      What is the overhang on a Goalrilla basketball system?

      The overhang of a Goalrilla goal ranges from 2.5′ to 4′ depending on the model and the height setting selected. The overhang for each goal can be found their respective product pages.

      How much abuse can a Goalrilla system take?

      Goalrilla is The Toughest Basketball System on the Planet™ and carries a limited lifetime warranty. Goalrilla goals are designed to take your best slam, jam or dunk, and other activities common to the game of basketball.  Hanging on the rim is unsafe and not recommended. Be sure to understand the guidelines for proper use and keep your warranty in effect. Read the complete warranty here.

      What is the height adjustment range, and how do I know the height?

      All Goalrilla systems are adjustable from 7.5 to 10 feet, allowing the system to be enjoyed by players of virtually all ages. The all-steel height-adjusting actuator includes a scale that shows the height that is achieved by turning the handle.

      Will the goal lower beyond 7.5′? My kids are younger and I would like to lower it further.

      7.5′ is a safety standard that Goalrilla follows to prevent injuries and protect children’s heads and teeth from hitting the bottom of the backboard or getting hung up on the net. At one time, Goalrilla did allow their goals to lower below the 7.5′ mark, and the amount of injuries were substantial, so they decided to keep it above 7.5′. This also conforms with standards on residential basketball goals that are mandated by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Those standards can be found under the Abstract section here. A great solution for younger players is the Silverback Junior Basketball Hoop – a smaller backboard that easily mounts right to the post of your full-sized goal (or anywhere else!).

      What are your overstocks? Are they a better deal?

      Since we have so much buying power, we are able to buy out various overstocks and closeout models. Overstock goals are not defective or seconds. Many of these models offer a substantial savings to our end customers. Overstock goals are usually limited supply and go quickly. They are all new (in the box) systems that carry the same warranty as non-overstock goals. Please check out our current overstocks.

      What is your least expensive Goalrilla goal that you carry?

      Our lowest price point Goalirlla goal is the GS54, a exclusive. Most goals you see in this price range are cheaper made two piece poles that won’t provide the quality play of a Goalrilla goal and usually need to be replaced within a few years. All Goalrilla goals carry a lifetime warranty and are intended to be the last goal you will ever need to purchase.

      What is the difference between Goalrilla and Goaliath?

      Like Goalrilla, Goaliath is a popular residential basketball brand, and they offer a solid lineup of goals. There are, however, several key differences comparable Goaliath and Goalrilla models. Check out the side by side comparison of the Goaliath GB54 and the Goalrilla GS54.

      How do I know you’re a credible retailer?

      Unlike most internet stores, we have a 30,000 sq. ft. physical showroom located in Noblesville, Indiana. We have accreditations from the Better Business Bureau and we are a proud WBE (Woman’s Business Enterprise). We have been in business for over 25 years. Our crews have installed and assembled thousands of Goalrilla goals. In fact, we were the original inventors and manufacturers of the Goalrilla goal! (Pretty cool, huh?)

      What does the “gauge” of steel mean?

      Gauge refers to the thickness of steel. The lower the gauge number correlates to thicker steel. Example: 7 gauge is thicker than 11 gauge.

      What is the regulation height of a basketball goal rim?

      For high school, college, and professional basketball, the regulation height is 10 feet to the top side of the basketball rim.

    • Ordering

      Do you keep Goalrilla goals in-stock and ready to ship?

      We have thousands (yes, thousands) of Goalrilla goals ready to ship on a daily basis. We are the largest retailer of Goalrilla goals in the world, period. Big box store only carry 1-3 models of the Goalrilla line, and it’s typically the economy line. We’re proud to carry the complete lineup. We stock all of the Goalrilla goals that we advertise and we have the largest selection of Goalrilla goals in the world, ready to ship the next business day!

      Why can you offer pricing that is lower than the other competitors selling Goalrilla?

      We buy in large quantities, months in advance, to get the lowest prices possible. This does create a large inventory for us, but it also allows us to give you, the customer, the best pricing available.

      Do you price match?

      Absolutely! Our “Best Price Guarantee” means The will meet or beat the price of any exact Goalrilla product model sold online. Price match must be on delivered product. 
Please note: We require acceptable proof that such a price was quoted and the address of the competitive website. Our match guarantee only applies to brand new, in the box, delivered product.

      Why am I being charged sales tax?

      We collect sales and seller’s use tax on sales made to all state and local jurisdictions. For purchases where sales tax is applicable you will see the tax calculated on the checkout page before you are asked to confirm the purchase. Tax shown at checkout is an estimate and the actual tax collected may differ once we process the order. We use reasonable commercial efforts to calculate and remit the correct amount of tax required on each taxable purchase, but we do not guarantee the accuracy of the amount of the tax we represent to you as the tax owed. Minor errors may occur owing to the inability to accurately track multiple taxing districts, state and local “tax holidays,” the timing of rate changes or the application of certain taxes to categories of items we sell. As a result of any error, we may over-collect or under-collect your tax. In consideration of our allowing you access to and use of the Site, and in collecting and remitting taxes required on your purchases, you hereby waive your right to claim that the tax collected on any purchase is incorrect in any respect and agree to hold us harmless, our officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives, for any harm or other damages you may incur as a result of our error in calculating the taxes you owe for your purchases.
      Some states may require us to provide you notice regarding state use tax at the time of purchase, an annual purchase summary, and/or report your annual untaxed sales to that state. We provide this data as a reference to assist you in determining any applicable use tax. Our calculations may not match the data in your records and may not reflect gifts or shared account.

      What if I’m tax exempt?

      If you are assessed taxes on the checkout page and you are tax exempt, go ahead and pay the full amount upfront when you are ready. Once you place your order, you can simply reply to the order confirmation email with your tax exempt documentation and we will refund your sales tax.

      What’s the quickest way to get a quote for a particular basketball goal?

      Give us a call to discuss pricing and let us help you select the correct goal for your situation. You may also fill out our contact form after hours and you will receive a prompt response. Or, feel free to chat with us during normal business hours to get a quick quote!

      I know very little about basketball goals. What is the best way to go about selecting a goal?

      If you’re unsure which model will best suit your needs, our experts are standing by to help! Call (800) 689-0281 to speak with one of our qualified sales associates. They can provide you with the answers to the important questions that come with choosing the correct system to fit your needs. You can also hop on our live chat during our regular business hours.

      Do you ever have additional sales throughout the year?

      We offer our best price guarantee on every Goalrilla model that we sell. Every day customers find they can save hundreds of dollars or more when they buy from We sometimes offer even lower sale prices throughout the year on specific models, and our  Black Friday sale is always one to keep an eye out for. As we get closer to that date, we will release more information.

      Do you offer volume pricing if I buy multiple goals?

      Yes! We do offer discount pricing if you purchase more than one goal. Please call in for specific volume discounts!

    • Shipping

      Can I pay extra and have my goal overnighted or 2nd day delivery?

      Due to the weight of the goal, we are unable to send UPS, it must be shipped using a freight company.  Unfortunately, this does limit us to one shipping time for all customers.

      How long will it take to receive my goal?

      Once we receive your order, we usually ship the next business day. We are based out of Indiana, so typically the closer you are to us, the faster you will get your goal. Most shipments arrive in 7-10 business days, excluding Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

      How do I track my shipment?

      After your order has been processed, you will received a confirmation email that your order has been shipped. You will also receive a separate email with tracking information for your order. Once the goal arrives at your local hub, the trucking company will call or text you to schedule an appointment for delivery.

      Will you ship to freight forwarders?

      Sorry, at this time we do not ship to freight forwarders due to the complexity and logistics required.

      How does the shipping process work? Do I need to be there when they deliver?

      Once you place your order, and we have shipped out your goal, you will receive a tracking number via email from our shipping company. Once the goal arrives at your nearest shipping hub, our shipping company will call or text you to organize a delivery to your home. You WILL need to be there to unload the product. Shipping will be a curbside delivery. You will be expected to inspect and sign for the shipment. Please inspect the boxes and ensure they are all in good condition. If you are thinking about refusing any shipment, please call us first. Most goal shipments will come in 3 separate boxes. Please also note that it is the customer’s responsibility to dispose of the pallet on which the goal is shipped.

      Which box is my stuff in?

      We often have questions about what box a certain item may be in. Here is a quick overview of where these frequently asked for items are.
      CV Models Only
      The universal pole pad is in the backboard box. It is used as part of the packaging. The backboard pole pad is located in the yoke arm box. If a stabilizer kit is purchased, it will be in its own box.
      All Models
      Assembly instructions and the height indicator are taped to the anchor system box which is located in the post box. Hardware is located on a vacuum sealed card glued inside the top of the box.
      A complimentary sticker and survey card are also enclosed on the outside of the yoke box
      If the customer purchases a goal with any padding other than a CV model, it will be in a separate box along with the shipment. This applies to padding as well as hoop lights, yard guards, and ball return systems.

    • Installation

      How much room do I need behind the goal to be able to still adjust the height up and down?

      You will need approximately 18″-24″ of clearance behind the goal to be able to turn the handle and adjust the height of the backboard.

      Do you provide installation?

      If you live in Indiana, ask your associate for installation details. If you live outside of Indiana we do maintain a list of installers as a service to our customers.  While we are happy to offer these suggestions, we do not endorse nor guarantee the workmanship of installers on this list.  If you elect to install the goal yourself, consult the instructions provided or watch our quick 5 minute installation video.

      How many people will I need to help me install my Goalrilla?

      For safety purposes, we recommend you have at least three capable persons to assist you.

      What size hole do I need to dig for the Goalrilla Anchor System?

      The recommended hole size is 16 inches in diameter and 48 inches deep. You will need eight 80-lb bags of concrete for the installation.
      Before you dig, call your local utilities to rule out the presence of buried cables including power, water, gas and phone lines. Failure to do so could result in serious or fatal injury.

      Can I install my Goalrilla Anchor System in the same concrete I pour for my court?

      For best results with less vibration, your Goalrilla anchor system should be independent of your court. If pouring concrete for both at the same time, add an expansion joint in between.

      What is the time span for completing the installation of my Goalrilla system?

      The anchor system is set in concrete on Day 1 and requires at least 72 hours to cure. We recommend erecting your system on Day 5 to ensure the superior rock-solid performance for which Goalrilla is famous.

      Why are there nuts between the anchor plate and the pole on my Goalrilla system? This leaves a space between the anchor plate and the pole. Is this correct?

      Yes. The nuts beneath the pole let you level the system once it is installed. If the concrete is not perfectly level, you can level the pole by adjusting these four nuts. Simply place a level on the sides of the pole to check it for levelness. You can loosen the top nuts slightly and adjust the bottom nuts to move the system up or down on the corner which needs leveling. When the system is level, simply tighten all nuts against the pole system.

      Where’s my pivot tube?

      Part numbers 8 and 14 can both be found in your hardware kit. Part #14 can be difficult to locate because it is a short black tube that is already placed on the bolt #8 that connects the lower board arms to the actuator system. Hex Bolt #8 is inside of the Pivot Tube. For assembly, take the bolt out, install the pivot tube through the actuator and actuator sleeve (make sure that it actually goes through the actuator not just the sleeve), and replace the bolt that was removed. The directions show #8 and #14 as two pieces, but they will come to you as one.
    • Maintenance

      Do I have to maintain the adjustment actuator?

      No maintenance is required to keep the actuator functioning properly.

      Do you offer Goalrilla replacement parts?

      We offer some Goalrilla parts such as anchors, actuator handles, and height stickers. See our Goalrilla accessories section for all available parts. For other parts such as replacement backboards, please contact the manufacturer.

      How do I maintain my Goalrilla goal?

      There are only three things to keep in mind with regard to maintenance:

      1. The backboard – To clean the backboard, rinse the board with lukewarm water, wash gently with a 100% cotton soft cloth and a glass cleaner. Rinse again with lukewarm water and dry with a 100% cotton soft cloth.
      2. The pole base – Keep organic materials away from pole base. As with all metals, grass and grass clippings, organic garbage and litter can cause corrosion if the metal finish is penetrated.
      3. Rust – If rust should appear on the pole, remove loose paint, sand lightly, prime and paint with exterior enamel paint. If rust has penetrated through the steel anywhere, replace pole immediately.