What’s the Hang Up On Overhangs?

Amidst the excitement of purchasing a Goalrilla basketball goal, the overhang is something you may not initially think about. Overhang is the distance between the front of the post and the front of the backboard.  All Goalrilla goals have an overhang  of 2 1/2’ to 4’.  Typically, the deeper the overhang, the better, as the post is pushed back and removed from the playing area. The shorter the overhang, the more likely players are to run into the post during play. The heavy duty steel post on a Goalrilla doesn’t care if you’re the next Michael Jordan or a parent showing off to your kids.  Accidents can happen and pole pads are always a good idea!

If you’re familiar with the regulation court size, you may already know that the out-of-bounds line is located 4’ behind the backboard to allow more play under the basket. Most players prefer to shoot from further back than to have a true 4’ of play behind the backboard. If installing on a typical driveway, most Goalrilla owners are happiest with an overhang of at least 1 1/2’.  This distance ensures that the ball doesn’t land out in the yard or hit the curb and kick out into the yard. Even with a purchase of a Goalrilla with a 4’ overhang, many customers will still install the anchor off of the driveway 1’ – 2 1/2’ to allow for more shooting space. This also allows more room when backing the car out of the garage. Remember, Goalrilla goals take no prisoners whether you’re in sneakers or the minivan.

If you’re installing a Goalrilla goal on a larger designated court, most customers are happiest with the anchor up against the court and the full 4’ overhang that is available on many of the Goalrillas with 72” backboards.  Just be sure you still have room on the court for that buzzer beating three-pointer!

These are the true dimensions of the overhangs for current Goalrilla models.  The measurements are from the front of the post to the front of the backboard when the rim is at a regulation 10’ height:

DC72E1 (B6101W-1) – 49.86” Overhang at 10’

CV72S (B3011W-1) – 46.56” Overhang at 10’

CV72 (B3101W-1) – 46.58” Overhang at 10’

CV60S (B3010W-1) – 30.44” Overhang at 10’

CV60 (B3222W-1) – 30.62” Overhang at 10’

CV54 (B3333W-1) – 30.62” Overhang at 10’

FT72 (B3017W-1) – 38.65” Overhang at 10’

FT60 (B3016W-1) – 30.44” Overhang at 10’

FT54 (B3015W-1) – 24.46” Overhang at 10’

GS72c (B5000W-1) – 33.37” Overhang at 10’

GS60c (B5002W-1) – 21.98” Overhang at 10’

GS54c (B5003W-1) – 27.23” Overhang at 10’

GS54 (B4003W) – 27.23” Overhang at 10’

Some (non-Goalrilla or Goalsetter) brands of basketball goals use short pole posts. In this design, the yoke arms are made longer to get the goal to the 10’ regulation height. This is why some brands recommend goal sizes based on driveway size. These goals can be lowered down to 5’, creating an overhang that can downright block your driveway. The goal shown in the above example has an overhang of over 5 feet!

Do you still have questions? Call us to discuss your situation and we’ll make sure your decision is one you and your family will be happy with for many years to come. And although goals can be moved to a new location with a new anchor, placement of your anchor is a decision that is literally “set in concrete”.

2 comments on “What’s the Hang Up On Overhangs?

  1. Andrew on

    I just bought a gs60c and installing myself. I would like the backboard overhanging the driveway by just an inch or two. The overhang at 10 ft says 25.75 so I’m installing the post at 23.75. However, I need to plan for when the backboard is also at its lowest point….is the overhang shorter than 25.75 when lowered? What is that overhang length at 7.5ft.?

    • Lance Padgett on

      Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for your comment. That’s a great question. The GS60c manual gives no measurement for the overhang at 7.5′. So we took a look at the GS60c we have installed here in our showroom, and we found the overhang at 7.5′ to be roughly 3-4 inches shorter than the 10′ overhang measurement. If you would like, you can also give Goalrilla a call at 1-888-USA-GOAL to see if they have a precise measurement. Let us know how this works and if we can help answer any other questions you may have.

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