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In Part 1 of our Basketball Court Building Guide we looked at the early planning stages of installing a basketball court and the various playing surfaces. In this article, we’ll examine the different size options for your basketball court. The size you choose to make your court will depend on the amount of available space and desired playing experience. Half Court Not quite sure if you need a full-court? Half-courts require less space, digging, surfacing, and one less basketball goal. They’re a nice addition without losing the space taken up by a full-court. Half Court (Narrow) A modified half-court still… Read more »

A basketball court can be a great addition to any home and is considered by many to be the best location to install a new basketball hoop. A home court is a great way to keep your children active outdoors and a popular neighborhood gathering place. If you have a young athlete who loves to compete, then you want to make sure he/she is playing on an authentic, standard court. Before You Start 1. Do you have the space? Some yards are limited, others are not. Make certain you have the space for not only the court, but additional space… Read more »