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Early on in the basketball goal shopping process, you’ll want to consider the best location to install your basketball hoop. This will be an important factor in which hoop you choose. If you plan to purchase a portable hoop, where you position the goal is not as crucial since the hoop can be moved fairly easily. If, however, you decide to invest in a more permanent goal such as a semi-portable in-ground unit or wall-mount hoop, the installation location becomes significantly more important. Location, Location, Location! You’ve probably heard this phrase a time or two in reference to purchasing a… Read more »

Goalrilla Basketball Hoop Installation

Yay, you did it! You finally made the decision to invest in a basketball hoop for you and your loved ones to enjoy for countless hours to come. And you’re probably thinking, “Now how do I install this hoop?”. You’ll need to decide whether you prefer to install the goal yourself or hire a professional installation company to handle the task. But don’t worry, we can help you decide whether a DIY basketball hoop installation is right for you! Should I Do the Basketball Hoop Installation Myself? Fortunately, Goalrilla goals are designed for homeowner installation, and people just like yourself… Read more »

The Goalrilla installation always seems more daunting than it really is. The hardest part is digging the hole. The hole will be 4’ deep and about 18” around. There is no need for an auger, it can be dug by hand with a pair of post hole diggers. It is important that your anchor is installed correctly and at the proper depth to ensure that you are below the frost line and there is enough concrete weight to offset the weight of the goal. If you can dig the hole correctly, your work should be downhill from there. Be sure to  consult… Read more »

The Goalrilla CV54 is the Premium selection in the Goalrilla 54” lineup. The Goalrilla CV54 features a 54”x’38” clear view tempered glass backboard, 5”x5” one-piece steel pole and a 3’ overhang. Like all the Goalrilla systems, the CV54 is adjustable from 7.5’ to 10’ and has a tough, baked-on powdercoat finish. The independent anchor system combined with the Goalrilla limited lifetime warranty make this a solid investment. WHAT TO LIKE: Independent Anchor System: The Goalrilla CV54 features an independent anchor system. An independent anchor system allows you to take your investment with you if you move. The anchor system has… Read more »

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Here at the Basketball Goal Store, we know we provide quality basketball hoops that bring families together on the court.

But I’ll tell you, it really makes our day when we get positive feedback from our customers!

Usually we hear how much the family has enjoyed spending time together on their home court beneath the Goalrilla Goal

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