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Before we discuss what is different between a medium-weight flex rim and a heavy-weight flex rim, let’s discuss what is the same. For the uninitiated, they may appear to be the same. Sure they’re both orange. Of course, they are both spherical in nature and hold a nylon net with the help of twelve hooks. Most importantly,  both the medium-weight flex rim and heavy-weight flex rims are a regulation eighteen inches in diameter. Sorry, no excuses for those missed shots! So if the two rims are the same, why is there any reason to choose one over the other? Good question!  Well, once… Read more »

Amidst the excitement of purchasing a Goalrilla basketball goal, the overhang is something you may not initially think about. Overhang is the distance between the front of the post and the front of the backboard.  All Goalrilla goals have an overhang  of 2 1/2’ to 4’.  Typically, the deeper the overhang, the better, as the post is pushed back and removed from the playing area. The shorter the overhang, the more likely players are to run into the post during play. The heavy duty steel post on a Goalrilla doesn’t care if you’re the next Michael Jordan or a parent… Read more »

The Goalrilla CV54 is the Premium selection in the Goalrilla 54” lineup. The Goalrilla CV54 features a 54”x’38” clear view tempered glass backboard, 5”x5” one-piece steel pole and a 3’ overhang. Like all the Goalrilla systems, the CV54 is adjustable from 7.5’ to 10’ and has a tough, baked-on powdercoat finish. The independent anchor system combined with the Goalrilla limited lifetime warranty make this a solid investment. WHAT TO LIKE: Independent Anchor System: The Goalrilla CV54 features an independent anchor system. An independent anchor system allows you to take your investment with you if you move. The anchor system has… Read more »

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Goalrilla is among the world’s leading organizations that make equipment like basketball hoops and goals. The company is among the industry leaders because they know how to build systems that will hold firm under any rigorous play. The Goalrilla basketball goal systems are highly adjustable systems that let users change them according to their desired play style. The basketball goals also offer safety and impressive build quality. This is due to the thickness of the materials used, along with the features included and the sizes of the goals. All the goals that Goalrilla makes conform to the standards set by… Read more »

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When practicing full court transitions, the Goalrilla G Trainer and video series will give players a full range of movements and motions to go through. In the video, players are going to work going up court from one baseline to the other, using the Goalrilla G Trainer to help them work on several basketball skills. From the three point jump shot to the 12 to 15 foot mid range jumper, players are getting a full workout. In the training video, using the Goalrilla G Trainer, basketball players will learn how to: – Dribble and cross dribble, using the full court… Read more »

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In this video, the Goalrilla G Trainer goal is used between two players that are focusing on both defense and offensive skills. In the lower stance, and circling around one another, players are practicing the shuffle motion for proper defense, and quick paced movement that is expected during a basketball game. With the chest pass drills, basketball players are also working on offensive drills with this passing session, as they are working on both delivery of the ball, and on receiving a pass when they are moving at a quick pace, and might be confronted by a defensive player on… Read more »

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In basketball, a rim is a rim is a rim – right? No, big guy – that’s not right – in fact it is a serious wrong. Let’s get technical here for a minute and talk some physics. Let me set the stage for you – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar once said that if his team out rebounded the other team, his team would come out with a win. We’re talking rebounding here and rims are an integral part of that. Rims can be hard or soft. No, not the rims themselves; it has to do with how tightly the rim is… Read more »

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