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Goalrilla Basketball Accessories

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Once you’ve chosen your basketball hoop, it’s time to complete your homecourt setup. Goalrilla basketball accessories are designed to help you get the most out of practice and game time. BasketballGoalStore offers the full lineup of Goalrilla accessories from pole and backboard padding to hoop lights, yard guards, and of course, basketballs.

Accessories for Goalrilla Basketball Hoops to Level Up Your Game

One of the most popular Goalrilla accessories is the LED hoop light. This powerful light attaches to the top of the goal and illuminates the court so play can continue even after the sun goes down. In addition to the LED Hoop Light, the Yard Guard is another best-seller and one of our favorite go-to accessories. The Yard Guard does exactly that – it protects your yard (and flower beds) and helps keep the ball in the field of play.

Protecting players is also key to making sure everyone maximizes their game time. Goalrilla’s pole pads help keep players safe when the games get tough. These thick, durable pads easily attach to the pole and are designed to last for years to come. Pole pads are available in square, universal, or deluxe varieties. Backboard padding also provides protection from the steel backboard edge.

Basketball Accessories Make the Game Fun for All Ages

If you have younger children who aren’t old enough to use the Goalrilla goal yet, the Silverback Junior Hoop is a great Goalrilla basketball accessory. This 33” x 23.5” backboard mounts right onto your goal’s post and is perfectly sized for young players. No one has to miss out on the fun!

And of course, you can’t play the game without the most important Goalrilla basketball accessory: the ball! Goalrilla’s indoor/outdoor basketball is built rugged tough just like the goals themselves. Looking for a pro-style feel? Check out the incredible Goalrilla HYPE Basketball for superior ball handling and performance. And keep your basketball ready for action with the convenient basketball holder that mounts directly to your hoop’s post.

If you’re looking to upgrade or replace your Goalrilla rim, BasketballGoalStore carries a range of Goalrilla basketball hoop rims including the medium weight rim, heavy weight rim, and 180 breakaway rim. If your rim is in good shape, and just the net needs replacing due to normal wear and tear, we carry replacement basketball nets too. And since Goalrilla goals are built to last a lifetime, they’re designed to be relocated when needed. Because the goal is bolted to the in-ground anchor, you’ll just need to purchase and install a new anchor kit when you move to your new home.

Which Accessories Will Fit My Goalrilla Goal?

Most Goalrilla basketball accessories are designed to work with all Goalrilla goals, with a few exceptions. For example, the Silverback Jr. Hoop is compatible with all Goalrilla hoops with a 6”x6” post or smaller. These exceptions are noted on the product pages. If you have questions about which accessories are compatible with your Goarilla goal, give us a call at (800) 689-0281 or chat now. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your hoop!