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  • Sale!

    Goalrilla DC72E1

    $3,199.95 $2,799.95
  • Sale!

    Goalrilla CV72S STBLZR

    $2,999.90 $2,559.90
  • Sale!

    Goalrilla CV72

    $2,699.95 $2,299.95
  • Sale!

    Goalrilla CV60S STBLZR

    $2,699.90 $2,259.90
  • Sale!

    Goalrilla FT72

    $2,399.95 $2,099.95
  • Sale!

    Goalrilla CV60

    $2,399.95 $1,999.95
  • Sale!

    Goalrilla FT60

    $2,199.95 $1,899.95
  • Sale!

    Goalrilla 72” In-Ground Basketball Hoop (Goalrilla GS72C)

    $1,899.95 $1,699.95
  • Sale!

    Goalrilla CV54

    $1,999.95 $1,699.95

    Goalrilla GSII

    $1,799.99 $1,599.99
  • Sale!

    Goalrilla FT54

    $1,899.95 $1,599.95

    Goalrilla GSI Acrylic

    $2,199.99 $1,499.99
  • Sale!

    Goalrilla 60” In-Ground Basketball Hoop (Goalrilla GS60C)

    $1,699.95 $1,499.95

    Goalrilla GSIII

    $1,699.95 $1,299.95
  • Sale!

    Goalrilla 54” In-Ground Basketball Hoop (Goalrilla GS54C)

    $1,399.95 $1,199.95
  • Sale!

    Goalrilla GS54

    $1,299.95 $1,049.95
  • Collegiate Pole Pad

  • Sale!

    Goalrilla 180 Breakaway Rim

    $399.95 $299.95
  • Sale! Deluxe Pole Pad for Goalrilla Basketball Goals

    Goalrilla Deluxe Pole Pad

    $299.95 $269.95
  • Sale!

    CV72 STBLZR Add-On Kit

    $299.95 $259.95
  • Sale!

    CV60 STBLZR Add-On Kit

    $299.95 $259.95
  • Sale!

    Goalrilla LED Hoop Light

    $269.95 $229.95
  • Sale! Yard Guard for Goalrilla Basketball Goals

    Goalrilla Yard Guard

    $269.95 $229.95
  • Sale! Universal Pole Pad for Goalrilla Basketball Goals

    Goalrilla Universal Pole Pad

    $239.95 $219.95
  • Sale! Universal Backboard Pad for Goalrilla Basketball Goals

    Goalrilla Universal Backboard Pad

    $219.95 $199.95
  • Sale! Heavy Weight Rim for Goalrilla Basketball Goals

    Goalrilla Heavy Weight Rim

    $219.95 $189.95
  • Sale!

    Silverback Junior Basketball Hoop

    $199.95 $149.95
  • Sale! Goalrilla Basketball Goal Square Pole Pad

    Goalrilla Square Pole Pad

    $179.95 $149.95
  • Sale! Goalrilla Basketball Goal Medium Weight Rim

    Goalrilla Medium Weight Rim

    $179.95 $149.95
  • Sale! Anchor System for Goalrilla Basketball Goals

    Goalrilla Anchor Kit System

    $159.95 $119.95
  • Sale!

    Basketball Goal Rim Blocker

    $129.95 $99.95
  • Sale! Ball Return Net For Goalrilla Basketball Goals

    Goalrilla Ball Return Net

    $119.95 $99.95
  • Sale!

    Goalrilla Hype Basketball

    $79.95 $59.95
  • Sale!

    Spalding NBA Ultimate Intermediate 28.5-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Composite Basketball

    $39.99 $29.99
  • Goalrilla Actuator Handle and Pin – DC72E1

  • Goalrilla Actuator Handle and Pin

  • Spalding Top-Flite 250 Composite Basketball

  • Sale!

    Goalrilla Replacement Net

    $26.99 $19.99
  • Sale!

    Basketball Holder

    $29.95 $19.95
  • Sale! Indoor/Outdoor Basketball from Goalrilla

    Goalrilla Basketball

    $29.95 $19.95
  • Goalrilla Replacement Post Cap


BasketballGoalStore is the lowest-priced, highest rated Goalrilla dealer available anywhere. We carry the complete lineup of Goalrilla basketball hoops. This includes the following lines:


The STBLZR series utilizes an ingenious patented anti-shake mechanism (STBLZR). This technology had previously only been used in earthquake prone areas to prevent buildings from eroding during excessive movement and agitation from earthquakes. This one-of-a-kind technology has never been used on a basketball system before, until now. The results are breathtaking in reducing shake. The reduction in shake puts these systems in line with the stringent requirements of commercial basketball systems (NBA, College, etc.). To accomplish that feat with commercial systems, they typically utilize a variety of methods. Everything from extremely thick steel, multiple support arms, and additional bracing. The STBLZR goals are able to accomplish this simply and efficiently with a great goal design and the exclusive use of the STBLZR technology. These goals are conveniently offered in two sizes, the 60″ x 38″ Goalrilla CV60S and the regulation style 72″ x 42″ Goalrilla CV72S.

CV (ClearView) Series

Noted for its great aesthetic, as the name hints, the Clearview series allows you to see the beautiful glass backboard, with no supports blocking your view of the shooting square. Our most popular-selling line for both its appeal to the young, aspiring shooter, up to the professional player. With substantial padding for both the backboard and pole included in every CV model, this rounds these goals out to be great value purchases as well. Typically only carried by local dealers, BasketballGoalStore.com is proud to offer this line nationwide. This includes the Goalrilla CV54, Goalrilla CV60 and Goalrilla CV72.

FT (Freight Train) Series

With a unique design that is all its own and the newest line to be added to the Goalrilla lineup, the Freight Train series lives up to its namesake.  It is extremely tough and rugged, with rigidity and stability first in mind.  The FT Series includes the Goalrilla FT54, Goalrilla FT60 and the Goalrilla FT72

GSc (GS Clearview) Series

Noted for its fantastic value and a look that others crave, the GSc line is a great example of ingenious design. Using minimalist styling principles, the GSc line has been overwhelmingly popular among consumers, particularly the Goalrilla GS60C model, which is a great hoop for 1 or 2 car driveways. The full lineup consists of the Goalrilla GS54C, Goalrilla GS60C and the Goalrilla GS72C.

Goalrilla additionally offers a complete lineup of Goalrilla accessories that are the best quality in the industry, backed by Goalrilla’s warranty, which exceeds anything available in the industry.