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CV Models

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Goalrilla is synonymous with top of the line residential basketball hoops, which can be largely attributed to their flagship CV series. The Goalrilla CV goals are incredibly popular for their immaculate craftsmanship, performance, and aesthetic appeal. The hoops in the CV series lineup feature a Clearview backboard that provides an obstructed view of the glass blackboard. The widespan arms support a steel frame, tempered glass backboard for consistent rebounding.

Goalrilla CV Goals Offer Something for Everyone

The CV series goals are available in 3 sizes, making them perfect for just about any application. The CV54 features a 54”x38” backboard and is the smallest in the lineup. It’s great for driveways with limited space and players who don’t mind a slightly smaller backboard. The CV54 delivers the same pro-level performance as it’s larger counterparts. The CV60 and CV60S (with Goalrilla’s STBLZR technology) are versatile, midsize hoops that work well for casual or competitive play with backboards measuring 60”x38”. The CV72, CV72S, and DC72E1 feature regulation-size 72”x42” backboards. For the serious athlete, the 72” models provide the most authentic arena-like performance.

Every CV series basketball goal also includes an ultra-thick universal pole pad as well as a universal backboard pad for ultimate player protection, even during aggressive play. The goals are extremely well-made, heavy, and designed to withstand anything you (or mother nature) can throw at them.

Semi-Portable Goals for Wherever Life Takes You

Like all Goalrilla goals, the CV hoops are installed with of an anchor kit that is cemented into the ground. This provides incredible stability, far beyond what a portable water or sand based goal can offer. The goal post is then mounted onto the anchor plate. This allows the goal to be relocated by simply purchasing and installing a new anchor kit.

Since Goalrilla goals are built to last a lifetime, it only makes sense that you’d want to take your goal with you when you move. Goalrilla goals also include a lifetime warranty. The comprehensive warranty protects against manufacturer defects for as long as you own the goal.

The CV goals come with a heavy-duty breakaway rim that flexes under pressure for safe dunking and extreme durability. They also feature a tempered glass backboard that ranges from ⅜” to ½” thick, depending on the model. Additionally, for safe play underneath the goal, the CV series hoops have a 3’ to 4’ overhang (the distance from the edge of the backboard to the post).

Get in the Game with Goalrilla CV Series

There’s so much to love about Goalrilla’s CV goals, it’s easy to see why they’ve continued to rise in popularity with basketball fanatics everywhere. If you have questions about selecting the perfect goal for your needs, give us a call or chat now. A BasketballGoalStore team member will be happy to help!