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Commercial Basketball Hoops is your one stop shop for all things basketball! If your school, apartment complex, park, or athletic facility is looking to add or replace commercial basketball hoops, we’re here to help. We are dedicated to assisting you through each step of the process, from selecting the perfect basketball goals to installation. We also offer our best price guarantee, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the absolute best deal possible. Give us a call at (800) 689-0281 to get started.

Featured Commercial Basketball Systems

Goalrilla’s 72″ Fixed Height In-Ground Basketball Systems are great for a variety of commercial settings. Each features a regulation-size 72″x42″ backboard with a fixed height of 10′ for authentic, arena-like performance. These hoops also include thick, durable backboard and pole padding for complete player protection. Choose between a tempered glass or perforated steel backboard to suit the needs of your application. Not sure which commercial hoop is right for you? Check out our side by side comparison.

Goalrilla and Goalsetter Goals for Commercial Use

Although they are most often used in residential settings, Goalrilla and Goalsetter systems are also well suited for schools, churches, recreation centers, gymnasiums, and parks. There are several reasons to consider a Goalrilla or Goalsetter basketball system for your commercial application:

Backboard Options

Goalrilla goals include a highly durable tempered glass backboard, which is what you’ll find in high school, college, and NBA settings. Tempered glass is a “safety glass” that is hardened during production to make it 5-10 times stronger than normal glass. Goalrilla’s commercial goals are also available with a perforated steel backboard (fixed height or adjustable FT72), which is a great solution for settings where vandalism may be a concern.

All Goalsetter goals have the option of either tempered glass or an acrylic backboard, which is a clear plastic material. Acrylic is often preferred over glass for unsupervised commercial purposes (like parks, for example), since it is more vandal-proof and cannot be easily broken by thrown rocks, etc. Both Goalrilla and Goalsetter also offer goal systems with regulation size 72”x42” backboards for an authentic arena-like play experience. Goalsetter also has several wall-mount options in both adjustable and non-adjustable systems.

Fixed Height vs. Adjustable

One of the attributes that makes Goalrilla and Goalsetter goals so appealing for home use is the ability to adjust the height for various ages and abilities. However, for commercial applications, it is typically advisable to leave goals at regulation height (10’) so players can enjoy games with a standard height goal, and to reduce risk of damage to the goal. Fixed height goals from Goalrilla are great for situations where height adjustment is not needed or advised.

For settings where height adjustment is necessary, Goalrilla and Goalsetter goals include a removable actuator handle so the goals can be locked in at the desired height. When you need to change the height, the just reattach the actuator handle and the height can be easily adjusted with a few cranks of the handle.

1. Grab pin and handle

2. Remove pin

3. Remove handle

Instructions and Installation

Most in-ground commercial basketball goals are “direct” bury and therefore are heavier to set up, whereas the adjustable systems have a plate mount. This makes setup easier and gives the owner the ability to move the goal to a new location by simply installing a new anchor. Goals intended strictly for commercial settings also do not typically have the most user-friendly installation instructions, whereas Goalrilla and Goalsetter include very detailed instructions for installation.


While Goalrilla goals included an extensive residential warranty – the most comprehensive in the industry, in fact, Goalsetter goals with acrylic backboards include a warranty that covers their use in a commercial setting (view complete warranty information on Goalsetter’s website).

Additional Featured Hoops for Commercial Applications

Basketball Goal Rim Blocker

Add a Rim Blocker for Control of the Court

The Rim Blocker is also a great option for preventing unwanted play when needed. It quickly and easily attaches to any rim and stops the ball from traveling through the net. It can also be removed in a matter of minutes to allow use of the goal again. The rim blocker is convenient to have on hand when unsupervised play is not advisable, and is compatible with any style regulation 18” diameter basketball goal rim.

Commercial vs. Residential: What’s the difference?

Technically speaking, there are no formal regulations when it comes to which basketball goals can be installed in a public setting vs. those that are installed on private residential properties. The difference between residential and commercial comes down to which goals are recommended for unsupervised play in a commercial setting, and which goals are more suited for the home. These are just guidelines to keep in mind when purchasing a new basketball goal.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (800) 689-0281. has been proudly offering the best in residential and commercial basketball hoops for over 25 years. Our experts are standing by, ready to help you every step of the way.