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When practicing full court transitions, the Goalrilla G Trainer and video series will give players a full range of movements and motions to go through. In the video, players are going to work going up court from one baseline to the other, using the Goalrilla G Trainer to help them work on several basketball skills. From the three point jump shot to the 12 to 15 foot mid range jumper, players are getting a full workout. In the training video, using the Goalrilla G Trainer, basketball players will learn how to: – Dribble and cross dribble, using the full court… Read more »

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Every once in a while you come upon something that makes you say, “Wow. Just wow.” Bill Simmons is the writer of the “Sports Guy” column for a couple of ESPN products, a blogger, writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live and author of books, now numbering 2. It was his second book, The Book of Basketball, that made me go, “Wow. Just wow.” It’s sub-title is The NBA According to the Sports Guy. And that pretty much says it. With a dash – no, a pound – of humor, a passionate (and opinionated) viewpoint on basketball through the years and a… Read more »

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