Full Court Transition (Individual) Goalrilla G Trainer Basketball Drill

When practicing full court transitions, the Goalrilla G Trainer and video series will give players a full range of movements and motions to go through. In the video, players are going to work going up court from one baseline to the other, using the Goalrilla G Trainer to help them work on several basketball skills. From the three point jump shot to the 12 to 15 foot mid range jumper, players are getting a full workout.

In the training video, using the Goalrilla G Trainer, basketball players will learn how to:

– Dribble and cross dribble, using the full court for training.
– Learn how to do bounce passes and transition passes off the G trainer.
– Learn how to receive and make the perfect delivery on the pass.
– Will learn the art of receiving, and pop and shoot from three point and from the mid range jump shot.
– Use full court motion to better deliver passes on a fast break transition, and pop and shoot from any distance, if a fast break pass is received from another player, during a full court game, in real time speed.

The Goalrilla G Trainer is the perfect tool to work on these basketball drills, because players are able to deliver a pass off the G trainer at higher or lower intensity and strength levels. In the first pass shown on the video, the trainer does a lighter bounce pass to receive a perfect chest pass and take a three point jumper. Going back down the full court transition, he does a harder, cross court pass. This allows him to receive the pass from the top of the key on the opposite end and make a mid range jump shot to the Goalrilla Basketball Goal. By using the Goalrilla G Trainer to practice basketball passing and receiving, players are able to learn how to better pass in a full court break, find the perfect speed and strength to deliver their passes with, and learn how to receive a pass – at any speed.

Because you can use the Goalrilla G Trainer to train on your own, this makes it ideal for full court breaks and allows players to work on full court passing and basketball shooting. By using the full length of the basketball court, players are also going to learn how to better time the speed of the fast break, which ensures the best outcome and the highest opportunity to score on a fast break transition. With full court training, the Goalrilla G Trainer is the ideal tool for basketball players and teams looking to improve on the break and to open, full court style of play, from one end to the other.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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