Should I DIY My Basketball Hoop Installation or Hire a Professional?

Yay, you did it! You finally made the decision to invest in a basketball hoop for you and your loved ones to enjoy for countless hours to come. And you’re probably thinking, “Now how do I install this hoop?”. You’ll need to decide whether you prefer to install the goal yourself or hire a professional installation company to handle the task. But don’t worry, we can help you decide whether a DIY basketball hoop installation is right for you!

Should I Do the Basketball Hoop Installation Myself?

Fortunately, Goalrilla goals are designed for homeowner installation, and people just like yourself install their own goals every day. When you receive your boxes, you will get clear, informative instructions to help guide you through each step. The hardest part for most is just digging the hole. This is because the hole needs to be 4 feet deep with a 16” diameter. Once you complete the dig, the rest is fairly straightforward.
Installing a Goalrilla Basketball Goal

What Tools Will I Need?

There are two parts to the basketball hoop installation process and you will need a different set of tools for each step. Let’s break down what you’ll need.

DIY Basketball Hoop Install Part 1

Part one is the anchor installation. This step involves digging the aforementioned four-foot-deep hole, pouring the concrete, and then setting and leveling the anchor. For this step you will need the following tools to aid in the installation process:

  • 8-10 – 80 lb. bags of concrete
  • 1 – post hole digger
  • 1 – 15/16” open-end wrench
  • 1 – 15/16” socket and ratchet
  • 1 – wheelbarrow
  • 1 – garden hose or a water source
  • 1 – level
  • 1 – tape measure
  • 1 – concrete form

DIY Basketball Hoop Install Part 2

Part two begins with assembling and standing up your brand new goal once the concrete has cured. For this part of the installation process you will need the following tools:

  • 1 – 15/16″ open-end wrench
  • 1 – 15/16” socket and ratchet (optional)
  • 1 – Level
  • 1 – Tape Measure
  • 1 – Rubber Mallet
  • 1 – Set of Padded Saw Horses
  • 1 – 9/16” Deep Well Socket & Ratchet
  • 1 – 3/4” Socket & Ratchet
  • 1 – 3/4” Open-end Wrench
  • 1 – 5-16” Socket Driver 1 – Pair of Safety Glasses
  • 1 – Ladder
  • 2-3 – abled bodies to help standup the goal

How Long Will it Take?

Each part of the installation process only takes an estimate of about 1-2 hours to complete. The longest part of the whole installation process is just waiting for the concrete to cure. The anchor system requires at least 72 hours to cure. However, we recommend erecting your system on day 5 to ensure the superior rock-solid performance Goalrilla is known for.

Should I Hire a Professional?

Maybe a DIY basketball hoop install is not your cup of tea, and that is okay! Many people opt to let the professionals handle the basketball goal installation process. This is because hiring a professional installation crew could save you a lot of time and frustration. Or maybe you are just physically unable to either dig the hole or to lift the weight of the goal when standing it up. Or maybe, you just rather not stress about whether you are doing the steps correctly. You’ve invested money into a quality basketball goal, so it’s only natural that you would want to make sure the hoop is installed correctly.

Goalrilla Basketball Hoop Anchor Installed
Goalrilla Basketball Hoop Installation

When it comes to hiring a professional in your area, concrete companies are certainly an option, but ideally you would hire someone who has done at least a few (and preferably many) goal installations. If you can’t find someone in your area, we recommend reaching out to Service Connection as they can aid you in finding a local handyman familiar with basketball hoop installations. If you are unable to find someone with basketball hoop install experience, a fence installer would probably be your next best bet. They will have the necessary experience with checking for utilities, digging deep, and using concrete.

How Much Does Professional Basketball Goal Installation Cost?

The cost of a basketball hoop installation will vary depending on where you are located within the United States. On average, the cost for professional basketball goal installation ranges between $400 – $600.

Basketball Goal Installation Resources

Still on the fence on whether you should DIY basketball hoop installation or hire a professional? If you visit our Basketball Goal Installation page you will find more resources to help you through the installation process. These resources are aimed helping you get a better understanding of whether or not this is something you’d like to attempt yourself. And if not, a professional can surely give you a helping hand so you will be shooting hoops in no time!

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