Goalrilla Strength Saves House From Being Hit By Tree

Goalrilla Strength Saves House from Tree

An Unlikely Hero

Severe storms in the midwest can be pretty common in the warmer months of the year. These storms can produce large gusts of wind anywhere from thirty to seventy miles per hour, and in some cases even up to one hundred mile per hour. That being said, the strength of high winds often means that severe storms and storm damage go hand in hand. Although storms are common, the occurrence can cause a lot of added stress. Since mother nature is so unpredictable, you never really know how much damage may occur, or when to expect a catastrophe.

Peeking outside at your yard after a storm could lead to a sigh of relief or a gasp. For one of our Goalrilla customers, it was initially the latter of the two.  But fortunately, Goalrilla strength had come to the rescue!

Imagine looking outside your window and seeing nothing but leaves and limbs from a tree that should still be standing tall in your yard. It’s hard not to picture the worst case scenario when you peek out your window and are greeted by that unsightly scene. When this customer peeked out the window, they saw just that: a tree was nearly on top of their house. Once they went outside to further inspect, they saw that an unlikely hero actually saved their home from extreme damage and possibly saved their family from injury.

The unlikely hero turned out to be the family’s in-ground basketball goal! The basketball goal was a Goalrilla hoop that had been installed at the edge of the driveway. The hoop was strong enough to withstand the weight of an uprooted tree and prevent it from pummeling their home. The Goalrilla goal took the brunt of the weight from the tree so the house didn’t have to. And it did so while remaining fully upright! The goal protected their family home from significant and costly damage.  And even more importantly, it saved those inside from bodily injury.

So Just How Strong Is a Goalrilla Goal?

When it comes to Goalrilla strength, these goals are among the toughest basketball goals on the market. They’re built to withstand enormous amounts of force from the roots of the underground anchor to the top of the tempered glass backboard. Goalrilla goals are set on an independent anchor system that is dug four feet into the ground. This ensures that the anchor never rises, even in the coldest of temperatures.

The anchor hole is belled out at the bottom. This provides extra anchoring if the concrete were ever to try and lift upwards at any time during the goal’s lifespan. The four foot hole is filled with ten to twelve eighty-pound bags of concrete. It is cured for five to seven days to ensure proper dry time and foundational integrity. With four eighteen inch anchor bolts connecting to the anchor, an installer pushes the assembled anchor base into the wet concrete. A magnetic level is used on the anchor plate to ensure that the base is set as straight as possible.

After the base has cured, the installer assembles the goal and erects it on the four anchor bolts. The installer tightens the anchor bolts and ensures that the post and rim are both level by using the level again on the side of the post and the top of the rim. Now the goal is ready to take on… well, the world.

Goalrilla Goal Dunk

The Goalrilla is equipped to handle an excessive amount of force. Goalrilla’s rim alone can withstand up to 2,000 pounds of downward torque, depending on the model. All Goalrilla goals have posts with top of the line steel gauge ratings. This reinforces the stability and strength of the basketball system from its core. With Goalrilla’s commitment to evolution and adaptation, coupled with top of the line innovative technology and high quality materials, these models will continue to withstand whatever mother nature throws at them!

Why Buy a Goalrilla Goal?

A Goalrilla goal is an investment. It’s not just an investment financially, but an investment for your loved ones. It’s investment that will create lasting memories, and countless hours of fun for many years to come. You can rest assured that when you purchase a Goalrilla hoop, it will be the last system you ever have to buy. Can you believe that there are still original Goalrilla hoops standing since the inception of the Goalrilla line in 1991? If you’ve ever owned a Goalrilla, you’ll understand why!

A Goalrilla goal is an investment that will last, not an investment that will have to be replaced. Goalrilla strength and durability have always been at the heart of these hoops, and that’s why they commit to a lifetime warranty. And plus, it might even save your house: if that’s not an added benefit, I don’t know what is!

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