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At this writing, 41 professional NBA basketball players are crossing the pond to go balling outside of America. Some are long-term deals, some have opt-out provisions. Is it smart? On one hand, the basketball players leaving the states during the ever-continuing lock-out will be playing in a competitive forum and keeping their skills hot. That’s not to say that many of the professionals are not going full out in their own private practice sessions, but it’s just not the same. When you are practicing at game-like intensity against the best in the business – that’s skill-honing. Driving hard, drilling three-pointers,… Read more »

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Way, way back in December of 1891, physical education teacher James Naismith introduced his class to two peach baskets he had nailed to the lower rail of the balcony at both ends of the gym, 13 rules for a new game, and using a soccer ball, basketball was born. It’s said Naismith wrote those 13 rules in about an hour – which is pretty unbelievable considering how long it takes the committees to make changes to the rules these days. There have been changes; the original rules did not account for dribbling – can you imagine that? Another difference: his… Read more »

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Remember in the movie, Hoosiers, when the Coach (played by Gene Hackman) instilled courage and confidence in his fearful, small-town team? He measured the distance from the rim to the floor of the basketball goal in their home gym and showed them the distance was the same in Hinkle Fieldhouse where they would play for the championship. Their David-complex evaporated and Goliath wasn’t as much of a giant anymore. Change perceptions on your team’s basketball court Perceptions play a big part in confidence for players – especially kids, when they haven’t had the experiences winning, and losing, on the court.… Read more »

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Not only does the NCAA basketball season for men culminate in the championship game in Houston in April, the Division I collegiate women’s season also comes to a close the same week in Indianapolis.

It’s interesting the scheduling – the men face off April 2 and 4, the women – April 3 and 5. Since 2003, the college basketball

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