Pure basketball: Watch the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship

Not only does the NCAA basketball season for men culminate in the championship game in Houston in April, the Division I collegiate women’s season also comes to a close the same week in Indianapolis.

It’s interesting the scheduling – the men face off April 2 and 4, the women – April 3 and 5. Since 2003, the college basketball season has ended with the women’s final game the day after the men’s championship game.

Women’s basketball is all the rage

John Wooden once said, “To me, the best pure basketball I see today … is among the better women’s teams.”

Now THAT is high praise – because if you know college basketball (or his native Indiana) you know John Wooden is the most successful basketball coach in NCAA history. He led the UCLA Bruins to 665 victories and 10 – yes – 10 championships.

There are a few differences between men’s and women’s college basketball:

  • The ball used by the women is smaller – by 1-inch and 2.5 ounces. It hasn’t made a difference in the scoring and shooting percentages, but it has improved ball handling and reduced the number of turnovers.
  • Females were perceived as playing purely for the love of the game since they had no opportunity to play professionally until 1997. Male players were seen as using their college careers simply as a transition to the NBA. Politics and probations were not issues for the women.
  • Media attention is growing. When Connecticut won in 1995 in its 35-0 undefeated season, star Rebecca Lobo appeared on national network shows, Late Night with David Letterman and Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. It’s been all uphill since.

Just like their male counterparts, the women are passionate about the game and spend hours on the court practicing.

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