Coach K’s rule applies to finding the best basketball goal for your house

Way, way back in December of 1891, physical education teacher James Naismith introduced his class to two peach baskets he had nailed to the lower rail of the balcony at both ends of the gym, 13 rules for a new game, and using a soccer ball, basketball was born.

It’s said Naismith wrote those 13 rules in about an hour – which is pretty unbelievable considering how long it takes the committees to make changes to the rules these days.

There have been changes; the original rules did not account for dribbling – can you imagine that? Another difference: his list of 13 rules is much shorter than just about any other set written for today’s players – unless you consider the pick-up games on home courts!

Rules, rules, rules!

Besides having to learn and adhere to the rules of the sport, winning coaches like John Wooden and Mike Krzyzewski have very few rules for their players.

In fact, Coach K says, “I give the team only one rule to live by. And it’s pretty general, at that, because “not doing anything detrimental to yourself” covers a lot of things.” He says too many rules gets in the way of leadership. One of his most famous quotes explains why: “They just put you in a box … People set rules to keep from making decisions.”

Make good basketball hoops decisions

Here at the Basketball Goal Store, we think that’s a great philosophy – and believe the decision to purchase a premium in-ground basketball goal for your house should be easy – That’s why we offer Goalrilla Basketball Goal Systems.

Goalrilla Goals meet the ASTM safety standards first and foremost.

After that, I guess the rule would be; provide the best quality at the best price.

That’s why Goalrilla Basketball Goal poles have a one-piece pole, not two pieces that slip together. It’s much tougher to ship because it’s too long for the usual package delivery services to manage. But a one-piece pole won’t bend and break because of corrosion like two-piece poles.

It’s also the reason Goalrilla Basketball Goals have welded support arms (not the weaker bent metal sort) and breakaway rims to prevent the backboard from breaking.

So, take Coach K’s advise – don’t do anything detrimental to yourself – and keep an open mind to make the best decision about a home basketball goal. Call the Basketball Goal Store at 1-800-689-0281. We’re here to help!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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