No more steel basketball goals – go with tempered glass

Growing up, there wasn’t a street in town that didn’t have some garages with basketball hoops. They were those white fan-shaped backboards attached with a web of 2×4 planks (which caught every wayward ball).

Most had the shooting square outlined with bright orange tape – that is, if the elements hadn’t deteriorated the tape or faded it so badly you couldn’t really see it.

Those basketball hoops were for the casual players – the groups of kids in pick-up games. The kids who were really serious about basketball were seldom seen playing – maybe practicing a few free throws.

I can still hear the Booooiiiiinnnngggg!!! of the ball hitting the steel  backboard and remember dragging out the ladder to fetch the ball from behind the backboard – and leaving it laying on the grass because we knew we’d need it again (and again).

If you drive down those streets today, most of the steel backboards and hoops are pretty much gone – and believe me, no one is filled with nostalgia wishing to return to those days – and that equipment.

Basketball backboards today are made of better materials for better performance

Now, steel backboards are mostly relegated to municipal parks and school playgrounds where vandalism is the concern.

Glass backboards are the best material for ball response available today – and with tempered glass, premium, in-ground basketball goals like the Goalrilla Goal line are available for residential use.

When you compare price and quality, there’s no question what type of basketball goal system is the best deal.

The Basketball Goal Store is THE place to find a great deal

Even though we have the best variety of Goalrilla Goals available and try to have the best deals around, at the Basketball Goal Store, we have a price match policy, too. If you find a better price quoted from any online retailer of the same new Goalrilla Goal Basketball system, with proof, we will match it.

We stock a huge inventory (volume buying is the reason we can offer such great deals), which means not only do you get a great deal, you get your basketball goal delivered fast.  (And free too!!)

If you compare the cost of basketball goals (the old steel ones can go for upwards around $500- $600!!) you’ll see you won’t have any regrets with a Goalrilla Basketball Goal from the Basketball Goal Store.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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