Scoop up triple double stardom with a home basketball goal system

Triple doubles may sound like something decadent at the local ice cream store, but in basketball a triple double or a greater quadruple double signifies something much more lasting.

A triple double is common in today’s basketball-speak, but if you can remember back to the late ‘70’s you know that wasn’t always the case.

Whether you want to accept or not, the triple double was initially created by a PR man – the Los Angeles Lakers PR man, Bruce Joelsch.

You see, Joelsch wanted a way to describe how point guard Ervin “Magic” Johnson contributed to the team other than scoring points. Every time Johnson reached double digits (10+) in assists, points and rebounds, he was credited with a triple double. It was a PR gimmick that stuck as a legit stat.

Magic Johnson recorded 82 triple doubles in his 13-year career.

He is known as the epitome of triple doublers – but had the stat been around before his time, well, he’d have been playing second fiddle to “the Big O” – Oscar Robertson – which is another story for another day.

What’s it take to be a triple double superstar?

Points and rebounds are two of the three stats in a triple double and to be the best in those categories is why basketball players of every age spend hours on the court shooting hoops. It looks like it would be easy to hit an 80% field goal average – but if you play, you know it’s not – and so you practice more.

Having a home basketball practice court complete with a premium, in-ground basketball goal like a Goalrilla Goal can go a long way to making practice time productive.

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-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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