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With Black Friday quickly approaching, Basketballgoalstore.com has hard-to-beat deals on in ground, adjustable basketball goals. The best deals on are on the premium lineup starting with the Goalrilla CV72 regulation size goal. The Goalrilla CV72 features the clear view 72”x42” tempered glass backboard. The clear view styling gives more of a gymnasium look to the backboard. The Goalrilla CV72 uses the heavyweight flex rim that can handle 1000 lbs. of torque. All this is supported by a 6×8 one-piece 9 gauge steel pole with a 4′ overhang Like all the CV models, this goal will come fully equipped with a Universal pole… Read more »

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This basketball drill incorporates the chest pass, ball fake, and dribble/drive to the basketball hoop. It is a simple half court drill that helps the offensive player focus on all aspects of their offensive play. The basketball drill makes the player practice their ball fake, while keeping the pivot foot planted. The drill not only works the offensive skill set, but also forces the player to think quickly on their feet, which is what has to be done in game time situations. To work the drill, the Goalrilla G Trainer will be set up at one wing, level with the… Read more »

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In this video, the Goalrilla G Trainer goal is used between two players that are focusing on both defense and offensive skills. In the lower stance, and circling around one another, players are practicing the shuffle motion for proper defense, and quick paced movement that is expected during a basketball game. With the chest pass drills, basketball players are also working on offensive drills with this passing session, as they are working on both delivery of the ball, and on receiving a pass when they are moving at a quick pace, and might be confronted by a defensive player on… Read more »

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There are just so many ways for beginners to progress in basketball – so many skills to learn! The Spot-Up Shooting Drill is one that can address a few areas: shot prep position shooting – handling endurance strength development of non-dominate side The beginner level is a bit different than the advanced level of the drill, concentrating mostly on the shot prep position and making it through five shots at the five different positions – each corner, each wing and the free-throw line. All shots are taken at the mid-range level and if you are lucky enough to have a… Read more »

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It’s getting close to THAT time of year – you know – summer – when the kids are out of school. Are you ready for it?? Are you looking forward to: –          I’m boooorrrrrreeeeed. There’s nothing to do….  (week 2) –          Continual biinggg bonng Clunk!! of games and game systems on the TV  (weeks 3 – 4) –          I wanna —- (go to) — (rent) — (watch) — (get) — (buy) — you fill in the blank (weeks 5 – 7) The answer from most parents out there is, “No. I’m not ready. I thought this year might be different.”… Read more »

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Here at the Basketball Goal Store, we know we provide quality basketball hoops that bring families together on the court.

But I’ll tell you, it really makes our day when we get positive feedback from our customers!

Usually we hear how much the family has enjoyed spending time together on their home court beneath the Goalrilla Goal

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This year’s NBA All-Star Weekend brought record prime time ratings for TNT. Nielson reports the league’s annual East vs. West game surpassed audience numbers in nearly a decade. Between 8:46 and 11:41 p.m., 9.09 million viewers turned on and tuned in to the All-Star Game. That was a 33% improvement over last year’s 6.85 million viewers.

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Every once in a while you come upon something that makes you say, “Wow. Just wow.” Bill Simmons is the writer of the “Sports Guy” column for a couple of ESPN products, a blogger, writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live and author of books, now numbering 2. It was his second book, The Book of Basketball, that made me go, “Wow. Just wow.” It’s sub-title is The NBA According to the Sports Guy. And that pretty much says it. With a dash – no, a pound – of humor, a passionate (and opinionated) viewpoint on basketball through the years and a… Read more »

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