Ball Fake Dribble Drive Layup [3 Pt Range] – Individual

This basketball drill incorporates the chest pass, ball fake, and dribble/drive to the basketball hoop. It is a simple half court drill that helps the offensive player focus on all aspects of their offensive play. The basketball drill makes the player practice their ball fake, while keeping the pivot foot planted. The drill not only works the offensive skill set, but also forces the player to think quickly on their feet, which is what has to be done in game time situations.

To work the drill, the Goalrilla G Trainer will be set up at one wing, level with the three point line. The player will begin directly under the basketball hoop, dribble to the opposite wing (set up cones at the opposite wing) and will execute a chest pass once they reach the cones. Once the pass is delivered, the player will run towards the trainer and will receive the bounce pass off the Goalrilla G Trainer. The player should receive that pass at about the middle of the three point line, directly above the key. Once the ball is received, the player will plant both feet, plant their shoulders towards the basketball goal and make a head fake at the three point line. Once the fake is made, the basketball player will dribble and drive to the basketball goal for a layup.

This is a great drill using the Goalrilla G Trainer, because it incorporates all aspects of the offense. It teaches players how to properly set up a fake without dribbling the ball. By receiving the pass and immediately faking, this is going to allow the player to pick up and dribble without being called for a travel. In addition, with the quick head fake, the player is going to be able to see which side of the court opens up. With the lane open, the player will have a clear path to go either left or right to drive in for the layup.

To create a basketball drill that is a little more difficult, coaches can place a defender at the top of the key, where the offensive player initially receives the pass. By doing this, the offensive player will have a better feel for the head fake jump shot. Once the defensive player is in the air, they are able to determine the best path to the basketball hoop to make the layup.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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