Low Post Entry Feed with Perimeter Reset (Individual)

With the Goalrilla Basketball Hoop positioned at the low post (directly below the basket), you are going to set yourself up at the wing. A bounce pass will be delivered down to the post and you will re-position (either left or right of the original start spot) to receive the pass back and pop up for the jump shot. A post or other tall item should be set up in front of you (you can set up with another player as the defender) in order to simulate live game action as you are delivering the pass down to the post position. Once you slide to the left or right and re-position yourself, you will simply pop up for the long range jump shot.

Using the Goalrilla Basketball Hoop positioned down at the post, this drill allows you to mimic a live game play. Most coaches tell players to move along the perimeter after delivering the pass to the post and this is exactly what the drill is intended to work. Once you deliver the quick bounce pass to the post, it will bounce directly off the Goalrilla G Trainer to the perimeter where you are waiting to take the shot. Not only does this help you work on the initial entry bounce pass, it allows you to position yourself where you believe the pass will come back to. This drill is best utilized at a quick pace, which is going to mimic the speed you should be functioning at during a game.

By placing a defender in front of the player making the entry pass down to the post, you are adding pressure to deliver the perfect pass. Because you can’t make a direct chest pass, you will have to deliver the perfect bounce entry pass to the post. Once the pass bounces back to you, the jump shot is more challenging since the defender is in front of you. Therefore, you have to perfectly position yourself to execute the long range jumper to the Goalrilla basketball goal. This basketball drill helps you better prepare for a game scenario, because you are already used to having the defender block you in practice.

This basketball drill is a great drill to work at a fast pace. By adding the defender, it helps your players prepare and make the necessary fake moves before firing the jump shot. The Goalrilla G Trainer is a versatile basketball training tool for any practice session.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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