Reverse Pivot 1 Dribble Mid-Range Jump Shot (Partner)

This basketball drill focuses on several training and timing skill sets. The Goalrilla G trainer is going to be set up at about half court and both players will start under the rim facing it. The first player will dribble towards the Goalrilla G Trainer and make a chest pass at about the free throw line. Once the pass is received back from the trainer, an immediate reverse sweep (going left or right), followed by one dribble to the mid range jump shot position will be performed. The second player should begin to execute the play once the first individual receives the pass and is turning around for the mid range shot. The second player is going to go in the same direction of the first and will continually alternate sides.

When using the Goalrilla G Trainer to complete this drill, each player working on the drill will practice their coordination and timing. Because you are moving at a continual pace, you have to set up the right pace to avoid bumping into one another during the drill. Players are going to have to communicate and work together to ensure the drill does not fall apart mid way through. You also want to focus on getting the moves right and working both sides of the court and Goalrilla Goal. Communication is critical in this drill. To execute this drill properly, each individual should direct the other. If one speeds up or slows down, the other player should match their timing.

This basketball drill is a great team building activity and is also a great way for coaches to have their players work on individual skills. Using the Goalrilla G Trainer, players are working on every aspect of their offensive game (dribbling, passing, shooting and faking). Overall, this drill is a great way to get your players to interact and work with one another.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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