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This basketball drill incorporates the chest pass, ball fake, and dribble/drive to the basketball hoop. It is a simple half court drill that helps the offensive player focus on all aspects of their offensive play. The basketball drill makes the player practice their ball fake, while keeping the pivot foot planted. The drill not only works the offensive skill set, but also forces the player to think quickly on their feet, which is what has to be done in game time situations. To work the drill, the Goalrilla G Trainer will be set up at one wing, level with the… Read more »

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Training for any sport is very difficult and most of the time you will be required to consider either expensive subscriptions or travel long distances until you’ll get to the nearest sports field and start your training there. However, with the Goalrilla G Trainer this will no longer be the case and when you realize just how much it can help out with your training; you will wonder how you made it without this wonderful piece of equipment. From the welded steel frame to the rebound netting, the Goalrilla G Trainer is built so solid that it will withstand any… Read more »

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