Ball Fake 1 Dribble 3 Pt Jump Shot – Individual

In this basketball drill, the offensive player is going to work on head fakes and will take a single dribble to the left for the three pointer. To execute this drill correctly, the basketball player will alternate between their left and right for the three point jump shot. The offensive player will start at the left wing and the Trainer will be setup at the right wing. The player will take a couple dribbles towards the Goalrilla G Trainer and will deliver a chest pass. Once the pass is received, the player will be a few dribbles above the three point line. Before taking a dribble, the player will make a simple head fake to get the defender in the air. After the head fake is executed, the offensive player will take a single dribble to the left and take the three pointer. When executing the drill the next time, the player will dribble right for the three pointer.

Using the Goalrilla G Trainer, the player will work on several offensive skills including:

1. The chest pass execution and squaring the shoulders to receive the chest pass off the trainer.
2. The head fake without taking a dribble.
3. Single dribble left and single dribble right, followed by a three pointer. By executing the drill with both hands, the offensive player will feel more comfortable in a game situation, regardless of which side they see an opening on.
4. The basketball player is working on their three point/distance game.

By executing this drill properly, the head fake will take one defender out of action, resulting in 5 on 4. If the player finds a teammate cutting to the basketball goal, he or she can choose to deliver a pass from the three point line in order to get an open layup. This drill shows players a different way to look at the court during a game. Although the basketball drill is designed to practice the three point jump shot, the offensive player may pass or take the shot if open.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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