Catch and Shoot [Three Point] -Individual

When executing the catch and shoot drill, coaches will set the Goalrilla G Trainer up at the right wing (in line with the three point line). Players will be set up at the left wing and will make their move towards the Trainer. Upon completing a couple of dribbles, players will deliver the chest pass and have their hands up and waiting (calling for the ball), while continuing their forward motion towards the trainer. Once the basketball player receives the pass, he or she will pop up for the three point jump shot to the basketball goal.

It is important to note that this basketball drill should be executed in a simple, fluid motion. There are no head fakes or deviations in movement. The offensive player is simply going to deliver the chest pass to the Goalrilla G Trainer, call for the ball, and pop up for the open three point jump shot. The basketball drill is going to mimic what would happen in a live game, which could happen during a fast break or if one player is double teamed.

When performing this basketball drill, offensive players will work on:

1. Quick, fluid motions. The player will deliver the pass to the Goalrilla G Trainer, continue their forward motion and once they catch the pass, take the open three point jump shot to the basketball hoop.
2. Offensive flow. The drill is intended to mimic what would happen in a fast break situation or a player getting free and having to pull up for the quick jump shot before their defender catches up to them.
3. Pure offensive setup. There is no fancy dribbling, no head fakes and no time to think. The drill requires the player to catch the pass, square their feet and shoulders to the basketball hoop and follow up with the three point jump shot.

This is a great basketball drill for your jump shooters. This drill is executed from one to one and half minutes at a time. The more comfortable your players are pulling up for a quick jump shot, the more relaxed they will be doing this in a game, resulting in a higher percentage shot. Because this drill does not give players the time to think and set up their offense, it will enhance player’s game time decision making skills.

Using the Goalrilla G Trainer to execute this drill, players will improve on their jump shot range, which will help make a well rounded offensive player, regardless of the position they play on your team.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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