React and Transition Basketball Drill with Partner

Whether you are a budding NBA star or you are looking to elevate your basketball game, the Goalrilla G Trainer can take your game to the next level. The Goalrilla Trainer is the perfect addition to a coach’s repertoire. Made from welded steel and using specially designed rebound netting, the G Trainer is built to withstand any athlete’s training program. The versatility of the product allows athletes and coaches alike to practice basketball drills without the distraction of outside equipment or other people. The Goalrilla G Trainer allows the basketball to be rebounded back to the thrower, which allows for players to practice and improve their basketball skills and abilities.

One of the best drills that can be performed with the Trainer is the React and Transition (Partner) exercise. With the use of the Goalrilla Trainer, this drill can be used to simulate a steal, fast break or an outlet pass. The Trainer can be easily moved around the court and the backboard netting can be adjusted to change the flexibility and return action of the ball when thrown at it.

Start by placing the Goalrilla G Trainer on the free throw line facing towards the sidewall of the gym or away from the basketball hoop. Next, have one person stand on the sideline about ten feet away from the Trainer. The second person should walk eight to ten feet away from his partner and place a cone on the sideline. The premise of the basketball drill is to throw a soccer-style pass at the Trainer, sprint and touch the cone, then turn and react to the basketball before transitioning down the court to take a jump shot or lay up. As soon as the first person has transitioned to the basketball goal, the second individual repeats the process. The basketball drill is repeated over and over for a total of about two minutes or until each player has performed the exercise ten times.

The Goalrilla G Trainer allows a player to develop consistency as the drill is performed over and over again. The React and Transition (Partner) drill is ideal for improving speed agility, and footwork. Ideally, players will be able to touch the cone then turn and intercept the basketball without losing control or letting it hit the ground. Once in transition, the player can opt to take a layup or perfect their mid-range jump shot.

The Goalrilla G Trainer is the perfect addition to any basketball practice, because it combines versatility and training in one perfect package. Don’t take our word for it and instead, let the Goalrilla G Trainer do the talking as it takes your game to superstar status. Through repetition and practice, the G Trainer will improve any player’s transition game, fast-break ability, footwork, and hand/eye coordination. Start using the Goalrilla today and let your game speak for itself.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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