Catch and Shoot Mid-Range Basketball Drill with Partner

For this drill, you are going to use the Goalrilla G Trainer and two players. This basketball drill will allow players to practice their chest pass and catch/shoot. When beginning the basketball drill, the Goalrilla G Trainer will be set at the right wing, even with the three point line. Both players will begin under the basketball hoop. The first player will dribble towards the left wing and will deliver a chest pass to the G trainer (once they reach the midway point of the key). After the pass is delivered, the basketball player will continue moving towards the Trainer and will stop and pop up for the jump shot (at approximately the free throw line). After the first player is popping up for the jump shot, the second player is going to start the basketball drill.

Working in a fluid motion, both players will work on this drill using the Goalrilla G Trainer for about one and half to two minutes at a time. Not only does this drill work on the chest pass, catch/shoot, it also makes the players work together and improves communication. This will help with teamwork and efficiency on the court. When both players are going at full speed, they are going to have to communicate with one another to ensure they do not run into one another.

If a coach wants to increase the challenge of this drill, they can add one or two defensive players. Once the first player makes the chest pass off the Goalrilla G Trainer, a defender can apply pressure. This will force the offensive player to get open for the quick catch and shoot to the basketball goal. This basketball drill is a great offensive skills drill, because it requires players to continually watch and communicate what the other person is doing.

With this basketball drill, players are not only working on the set up of their offense, they are also working on passing, movement and receiving the pass for an open mid range jump shot to the basketball hoop. Regardless of your team’s level of play, this drill improves teamwork, communication and mid-range jump shots to the basketball goal.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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