Three Ball Chest Passing Basketball Drill (Individual)

This chest pass drill incorporates three balls and the Goalrilla G Trainer. The basketball drill is considered an advanced drill and will require the full attention by the player. In order to complete this drill, the Goalrilla G Trainer is going to be set below the basketball hoop. The offensive player will be set between the three point line and the free throw line, holding the three balls in their hand. Working at a rhythmic pace, the first pass will be delivered (using one hand). As the first ball hits the Trainer, the second ball will be passed, followed by the third.

Because you are using three balls, you have to work quickly and have to pay close attention to the Trainer, the speed at which you make the passes and the strength used when you deliver the passes. Once the passes are delivered, you are going to receive the ball off the Goalrilla G Trainer in the form of a bounce pass. Depending on where the ball bounces off the trainer, you might be moving side to side during the drill or towards the basketball goal.

This advanced drill requires an immense amount of concentration. Because the basketball player is working with three basketballs, the drill will be tiring and should be done for only about one to one and half minutes. As a coach, this is possibly one of the best drills you can utilize when working on chest passing and receiving a bounce pass. You can alter the number of balls used during this drill. However, with three balls, you will require each player to move quickly and continually in order to make the right movements.

This is a great drill that teaches the player to properly position him or herself to receive the bounce pass. The three ball drill is one that a coach can incorporate into any practice and will allow players to drastically improve upon their speed, agility and hand-eye coordination.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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