Make Your Summer a Basketball Blast!

It’s getting close to THAT time of year – you know – summer – when the kids are out of school. Are you ready for it?? Are you looking forward to:

–          I’m boooorrrrrreeeeed. There’s nothing to do….  (week 2)

–          Continual biinggg bonng Clunk!! of games and game systems on the TV  (weeks 3 – 4)

–          I wanna —- (go to) — (rent) — (watch) — (get) — (buy) — you fill in the blank (weeks 5 – 7)

The answer from most parents out there is, “No. I’m not ready. I thought this year might be different.”

Make this summer a special basketball summer

Well, this year CAN be different – with a little planning. I am not talking about a summer filled with trips to the zoo, the museum or other (educational, in your kid’s eyes) spots.

I’m talking about a basketball tournament. Huh? Think about it –

  • Your kids will have fun being with their friends
  • Your kids will have a game to look forward to every few days
  • Your kids will have practice to keep them active and out from in front of the TV
  • Your kids will have fun naming their teams and trash-talking siblings and rivals
  • Your kids will have a memorable summer to share when they get back to school and for years to come

Instead of March Madness, plan a Summer Sensation!!!

Start talking it up now. Get all the kids – and their friends – involved. Set up rules – how many players on a team, what the games will consist of, schedule of who plays who and when, what the prizes are!!!

If you have a Goalrilla Basketball Goal, you can adjust it to heights from 7.5 feet to 10 feet so all ages will be able to participate. If you don’t have a Goalrilla Basketball Goal, there’s still time to visit the Basketball Goal Store to find the one you want and get it installed (or install it yourself).

Let the teams choose their names and let them create their own jerseys and choose numbers (just like Mike or LeBron or whoever their favorite basketball hero is).

They can set up their own practices and spend afternoons honing their skills and developing their team strategies. Game nights can be neighborhood potluck nights. You might find the adults want to get in on the action too. The guys against the gals or the parents against the kids.

This summer can be different – it can be a blast – a basketball blast!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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