Put the team in your basketball team with Fundamentals of a Two-Hand Chest Pass

It takes two, baby —

Really, it takes more than two on the basketball court, but it’s the idea that a team is more than one player and a good team moves the ball between players to win games – and that requires passing.

Developing a strong, fundamentally sound stationary two-handed chest pass is a key building block to moving the basketball from one player to another – and puts the team into teamwork.

Teamwork on the court means players are familiar with how each other play and they work together to move the ball and score. That familiarity comes from hours under the hoop together.

Those hours aren’t always in the gym. Teammates hang out together – and you know they’ll be shooting hoops or playing pick-up games in their spare time.

With a Goalrilla Goal Basketball system at home, that’s where they’ll congregate – which is a good thing! A Goalrilla Basketball Goal is quality-made to endure hours and hours of hard play and is just right to practice good form and techniques so the practice transfers to the game court.

The Fundamentals of the Two-Hand Chest Pass Position


  • Both feet begin square to the target and slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
  • Designate one foot the pivot foot; the non-pivot foot will be used to step toward the target
  • As you start to step with the non-pivot foot, roll onto the ball of the pivot foot

Lower Body Position

  • Lower body remains square to the basket

Upper Body Position

  • Upper body remains square to the basket

Head and Eyes Position

  • Head is up, facing forward
  • Eyes are focused on the chest level, ready-hand position of the intended receiving teammate

Arm, Hand and Finger Position

Ready Position:

  • Grasp the ball at chest level with right hand on right side and left hand on left side of ball
  • Fingers point toward the sky and thumbs are pointed toward the chest

Extended Pass Position

  • As arms are extended, the player rotates thumbs of each hand simultaneously downward toward the ground.
  • Fingers rotate from pointing skyward to pointing toward the passer’s chest
  • As hands and arms are extended, ball is released off the index and middle finger of each hand

Start with this pass and master it. Get it down pat with your pals and your team can run plays that will dance around your opponents. Then you can start adding other attributes. Skill by skill you can build an unstoppable team of players –  and friends.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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