Join a Basketball Team At Your House For Exercise And Fun

This year’s NBA All-Star Weekend brought record prime time ratings for TNT. Nielson reports the league’s annual East vs. West game surpassed audience numbers in nearly a decade. Between 8:46 and 11:41 p.m., 9.09 million viewers turned on and tuned in to the All-Star Game. That was a 33% improvement over last year’s 6.85 million viewers.

There is no question; the interest in basketball is on the rise. Not only are people tracking favorite teams and watching games at all levels – high school, college and professional – they are getting into the action themselves.

Basketball has its benefits

Recreation and parks departments, community athletic associations, gyms, the YMCA – they’re all seeing growing registrations and rosters.

Personally, I think people who understand the need for good exercise are tired of going from machine to machine in the gym. I think they are starting to see basketball as good exercise as well as a good social outlet. I mean, what’s not fun about playing basketball with your buddies? Even the president is getting in the action – or maybe he’s been a good example!

Basketball is one sport that you can practice on your own. You can dribble and shoot and practice technique without anyone else having to return the ball. That’s one of the reasons we are hearing from more and more people here at the Basketball Goal Store.

Goalrilla Basketball Goal Systems are perfect for families

We offer premium, in-ground Goalrilla Basketball Hoops for residential use. A Goalrilla Goal just makes so much sense for a family.

  • The height is adjustable between 7.5-feet to the regulation 10-feet. That means the youngsters can play at their comfort level – and learn good form and technique instead of struggling and straining to make a basket.
  • The one-piece pole won’t bend or break.
  • The cement pier anchor means the basketball goal will not move around like the economy portable goals you find at retail stores AND it also means you can take the Goalrilla Basketball Hoop with you if you decide to move. Of course, if you leave it, it is a great selling point!!!
  • The Goals meet NBA and NCAA regulations as well as ASTM safety standards.
  • Best of all, once everything is all said and done, the cost for a quality, durable Goalrilla Basketball Hoop that will last a life time, is very affordable.

You and your children could reap the benefits of your very own basketball court at your house – instead of driving to the gym or park. It’s more convenient for everyone – as well as providing a great habit-forming exercise program for everyone!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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