The Goalrilla Basketball Goal Systems

Goalrilla is among the world’s leading organizations that make equipment like basketball hoops and goals. The company is among the industry leaders because they know how to build systems that will hold firm under any rigorous play. The Goalrilla basketball goal systems are highly adjustable systems that let users change them according to their desired play style. The basketball goals also offer safety and impressive build quality. This is due to the thickness of the materials used, along with the features included and the sizes of the goals. All the goals that Goalrilla makes conform to the standards set by ASTM for all adjustable basketball goal systems.

The goals themselves are versatile. They come in three basic sizes. First, there are the seventy-two inch goals. These are the most massive in size of all Goalrilla’s offerings. Here, you may purchase from one of four goal models. The first model is the CV72. This is among the latest additions to Goalrilla goal systems. This model can handle vertical torque of more than 1,000 pounds. The second model is the DC72 and is its unique design transfers all the forces that are created by the backboard meeting the backboard arms to a solid cage that is supported by crossbeams through a four inch steel beam. The other two seventy-two inch models are the GS-I and the GS72.

The second size is the sixty inch goals. They come in three models: the CV60, the GS-II and the GS60C. The GS-II has a solid six inch post and a relatively smaller backboard. The goal’s primary benefit is its affordable cost. This has made it among the highest selling Goalrilla basketball goal systems for nearly 20 years. The third size are the fifty-four inch basketball goals. The come in four models: the CV54, the GS-III, the GS54 and the GS54C.

All Goalrilla basketball goal systems come with various accessories. They include pole pads like the deluxe pole pad, the standard pole pad and the universal pole pad. The accessories also include backboard pads. These are weather-proof; they are made from rugged poly material and they are secured to the goal for increased protection, which adds safety to both the backboard and the players. The pole pads are also available in all Goalrilla backboard sizes.

Another accessory is the basketball hoop light, which lights up the basketball court. The light fits all Goalrilla basketball goal systems. You may install it simply by attaching it to the pole and it operates on a standard 110 volts. The hoop light has long lasting and powerful halogen lights that illuminate the court, rim and backboard. It easily lowers to allow convenient and safe bulb changing. Its illumination is not blinding and is about 1,000 watts. Another accessory is the net systems, which include the ball return system, the backstop net and the Rollback net.

In conclusion, the Goalrilla basketball goal systems are impeccable goal systems for all basketball enthusiasts.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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