Our basketball goals are designed for homeowner installation, and people just like you install their own goals every day. Your delivered product will come with clear installation instructions and the necessary hardware. With the exception of wall mounted goals, our Goalrilla and Goalsetter goals can be installed by 2-3 adults in just a couple hours. In addition, our qualified staff (available toll free at 1-800-689-0281) is happy to assist you with answers to your questions.

Here are a couple videos to walk you through the process:

Goal Manuals

Professional Basketball Goal Installation

We understand that you may also want to have your basketball goal professionally installed. Although we do not offer installation through TheBasketballGoalStore.com at this time, we have put together the following information as a resource to help you through the process.

Installation Companies*

The following companies offer nationwide installation services. They can typically provide a quote for their services if you provide them with the model you’re interested in and the zip code where it will be installed.

Service Connection




*Please Note: This list of installers is for the convenience of our customers and is provided for reference purposes only. Installers on our website are not employed by TheBasketballGoalStore.com and are not contractors or subcontractors of TheBasketballGoalStore.com. Additionally, TheBasketballGoalStore.com has not necessarily reviewed, screened or independently determined the qualifications of any installer on this list. The installer shall be solely responsible for installation services provided to any customer and TheBasketballGoalStore.com shall have no responsibility for installation services. Customers are encouraged to independently confirm the qualifications of an installer prior to hiring them to assemble any products.

When To Schedule The Installation

We recommend that you schedule the installation after you have received your goal to ensure that you aren’t depending on estimated delivery times and your goal will be available when the installer arrives. This will also give you the chance to order and receive replacement parts in the event that pieces have arrived damaged or missing (see below).

Taking Inventory of the Parts

We also recommend taking inventory of the parts of your basketball goal before scheduling installation to make sure that everything is accounted for. Some installers (but not all) actually include this step in their service. If they do, they will inventory all the parts and if anything is broken or missing, they’ll order those parts for you and come another day to complete the installation. This can be a huge time saver and is a good question to ask an installer before scheduling service with them.

Still Have Questions?

As always, we encourage you to give us a call at 1-800-689-0281 should you have any questions about the installation process. Our experienced staff is happy to help so you and your loved ones can enjoy your new goal as soon as possible!