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Our store is the original retailer of the Goalrilla Basketball Goal product line of basketball goals. Our current affiliated retail showroom is not only the oldest but the single largest sales location for Goalrilla IN THE WORLD. Our installers have installed more Goalrillas than any installers too. We think you’ll agree that this definitely qualifies us to use the word. What it means to you is that you have more tips and advice at your disposal than you can possibly get anywhere else, by website, phone or foot.

How To Select The Right Basketball Goal

So you have decided you want to purchase a basketball goal for you or your family. That part is done. However, there are a wide variety of quality and price issues to decide now.

Portable Model: By portable, we mean that the basketball goal can be moved in and out of the driveway (we consider Goalrilla an inground system which is moveable to your next home, NOT portable). Most portable goals are lighter in order to have portability. Therefore, they are mostly plastic. Unfortunately, these lighter weight portable models just simply do not have the ability to support a more professional style clearview backboard or withstand years of aggressive play. They are also much more difficult to level and are likely to be tipped if players do not follow the instructions to weight them properly.  A good example of this goal would be a Spalding The Beast model.

Inground 2-Piece Model: From a budget consideration, these basketball systems might be appealing to some home owners. The 2 piece was designed so that manufacturers could ship shorter poles and save money on freight. The two poles are swedged together in most models, meaning that one pole is sleeved into another, hopefully creating strength similar to a one-piece pole. However, because the weakest point inevitable becomes the point where those 2 poles meet, the goal will inevitably start to lean forward.  Eventually, you are likely to have to replace a system of this type after a few years of play. If there are growing children in your household, this type of product will most surely not stand up to the rigors of play as your children enter their more competitive teen years. These goals are typically cemented in the ground as well, not allowing you to ever move your goal with you to your new home.  A good example of this goal would be a Goaliath or Silverback model.

Inground 1-Piece Model: These are without a doubt, the strongest and most rigid of any type of home residential basketball hoop system that you can buy today.  Luckily, every single one of the Goalrilla models comes with a 1-piece pole that gives you strength and rigidity across the board.  Having a one-piece pole is the single most important criteria in finding a home basketball hoop that will stay stable and rigid for years of play.

How Will You Decide Which Goalrilla Model is Right for You?

Review a list of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

If you have decided that a professional style Goalrilla is the right choice for you, how do you now go about deciding which model you should choose?

This does not change from model to model. In general what you have to consider is the look and play of each model.

  1. You want to select a product which is an appropriate size to enhance the look of your home
  2. You need to understand that the larger the post and backboard you progress up towards moves you closer and closer to a basketball system that has the playability and dimensions of a professional college or NBA system.
  3. You need to consider that any Goalrilla, because of the quality, moveability and lifetime warranty, will in all likelihood be the last basketball system you will ever purchase. With this in mind, you need to select a system that will reflect the growing play demands and desires as your children get older.
  4. All systems are of the highest quality but the lower priced models provide Goalrilla quality at a price that is more affordable.
  5. Some homeowners simply will not settle for anything less than a professional size backboard that will mirror the backboard that is played on in high school, college, and NBA.

Why should you buy from us?

BasketballGoalStore.com is the first basketball goals retailer of the Goalrilla Goal (a.k.a. Gorilla) Basketball System. We have installed tens of thousands of basketball hoops across the country for basketball enthusiasts just like you.

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Compared with other basketball hoops available, buying a Goalrilla basketball goal system offers better quality and safety (thicknesses of materials, sizes and features). The one-piece pole with special anchoring system makes the goal very sturdy. All Goalrilla basketball hoops meet ASTM standards for adjustable basketball goal systems. Goalrilla rims flex, which result in taking unwanted pressure off the basketball goal system. Call now 1-800-689-0281.