Goalrilla GS III vs. GS54c Comparison

 Goalrilla GS-III Vs Goalrilla GS54C Basketball Goal Review

The Goalrilla GS-III and the GS54c are two variations in the Goalrilla line of 54” wide backboards. If you are looking to compare these basketball goals then you have probably come to the conclusion that you are in the market for a 54” backboard.If that’s the case then you actually have 4 total options to choose from. The other two goals that come in this size are the GS54 and the CV54 – with the CV54 (clear view) being the premium of the whole group. With Goalrilla being the quality manufacturer that they are, all basketball goals you will find with this name will fall into the “premium” basketball category. For the sake of this article, I will be comparing the differences between just these two particular hoops.

Backboard Comparison

  • The first and most visible difference between these two goals is the view behind the backboard. The GS54c has a clear view allowing for unobstructed shooting, but the downfall with this economy model is that it does not have a reinforced backboard like the GS-III. The extra reinforcement the GS-III has gives the player more realistic “rebound” off the backboard. This makes gameplay much more like what you will find at your local gym. Although it doesn’t offer a clear view, GS III’s backboard reinforcing makes it much sturdier.
  • Another major thing to note is the backboard height. Although both models are 54” wide – the GS54c is only 34” tall, whereas the GS-III is 38” tall. 4” can make a BIG difference between a bank-shot and an air-ball!
  • The overhang that the GS-III has is a half foot longer than that of the GS54c. The GS III gives the player a 3’ overhang between the backboard and the post, but the GS54c only allows the player 2.5’ of movement between the board and post. This is an extremely important factor to consider when taking aggressive gameplay into account.

System Weight

One may think that the lighter the system, the easier to install, and therefore the better option. But this is not the case when it comes to basketball hoops. The GS-III has a total weight of 311 lbs. compared to the GS54c’s 262 lbs of total steel and glass combined. The heavier the system, the more weight it will be able to hold in the long run. The GS-III supports a sturdy, 1 piece, 11-gauge steel post. The GS54c is built on a bit thinner, 14-gauge, 1 piece, steel post. This 1 piece pole is key in creating a sturdy base platform.

Compare the Goalrilla GS-III and the GS54c 


When glancing quickly at a side-by-side comparison of these two goals, one wouldn’t immediately see the differences. After closer inspection, there are key differences that every enthusiast should consider before making a final decision. Personally, given the option to choose between the two, I would go with GS-III over the GS54c. The price on upgrading to the GSIII isn’t much, and you really want to go with a goal that gives that extra playability, as this likely will be the last basketball system that you ever have to buy. 

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