Catch and Sweep Floater Drill – 3 Point (Individual): Goalrilla G Trainer Basketball Drill – Video 37

Using the Goalrilla G Trainer, this catch/sweep and shoot drill is a great one to practice during any basketball practice session. To run the drill, the Goalrilla G Trainer should be set up at the high wing and should be inline with the free throw line. Two cones will be set up at the opposite wing and the player is going to start with the basketball (directly below the basket) to commence the basketball drill.

The player will dribble towards the cones and once reaching the cones, will deliver a chest pass to the Goalrilla G Trainer. The basketball player will continue running towards the trainer and should receive the chest pass at about the middle of the three point line (at the top of the key). Once receiving the chest pass, the player will execute a dribble drive towards the basketball goal and will take a floater jump shot.

The catch and sweep floater drill is a great basketball exercise to work on your overall speed. Since the player will not stop and pop for the jump shot, but will move towards the basketball goal for a floater, they have more range and freedom once they reach the basketball hoop. This drill is also going to teach players to properly deliver a well executed chest pass. Because the pass is coming from the opposite wing, enough force has to be put behind it to ensure it reaches the G Trainer. If performed well, the basketball will bounce back towards the top of the key.

This basketball drill works on all aspects of the offense and is going to improve a player’s range of motion, as well as the type of shot they are taking. By practicing the floater jump shot, players are going to be executing a high quality, high percentage shot. This drill gives players one additional move they can make to create better opportunities on the basketball court.

Because of its versatility, the Goalrilla G Trainer is the perfect basketball training tool for any player or coach. With just this one piece of equipment, players can perform hundreds of basketball drills that are sure to improve their game.

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– Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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