From the Archives – Goalrilla Goal Saves the Home

So, I was looking through some older photos that we had from the early Goalrilla days and I found an interesting one. This was a customer that had evidently purchased a Goalrilla goal from us years ago. Evidently, there had been a huge storm that had knocked down one of their old growth trees. As this tree was falling, it had actually fallen squarely on top of one of our Goalrilla goals, effectively hammering it into the ground about a foot or so. You can actually see from the picture of the anchor, how deep the anchoring system has actually been hammered into the ground. Believe it or not, that ground used to actually be at the same level as the grass around it and the concrete slab.
The coolest thing about this story is the fact that the Goalrilla goal actually protected the tree from doing additional damage to the house. As you can see, the goal actually took the brunt of the weight from the tree falling. Just another testament to the strength and craftsmanship of a Goalrilla goal!










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