Goalrilla Yard Guard

Goalrilla Yard Guard for Goalrilla Goals

Netting containment systems have been popular with Goalrilla owners for years. Nets keep the basketball out of the street, out of your flower garden, out of the neighbor’s bay window and out of the poison ivy at the bottom of the hill. You maximize your playing time by keeping the ball on the court. More practice means better skill retention. But with the convenience of a netting containment system also came some complaints. Some of our customer’s didn’t like nets that came out onto court or required concrete anchors to be poured in their lawns. Some didn’t like nets that used sandbags or worm screws that proved to be trip hazards. Others simply didn’t like the looks of a netting system when they weren’t playing ball and didn’t want the hassle of putting it up and taking it down for every game.

In 2014, Goalrilla introduced the Yard Guard System and the feedback from our customers has been tremendous. If you are not familiar with the Yard Guard System it has solved all of the problems that many netting containment systems incurred in the past.

The Yard Guard System installs on your Goalrilla, not in the ground. No longer is it required to pour concrete anchors in the ground to support the net. In fact, none of it even touched the ground. All of that hard work you’ve put into your landscaping is preserved.

When you’re trying to keep your eyes on your opponent, the ball and the basket there is no time to watch your feet too. The Yard Guard flares out 6’ to each side, not onto the playing area. This eliminates the chances of getting your feet tangled up in the net or your ankle twisting on a sand bag.

You’ve manicured the lawn. You’ve weeded the garden. The cars are pulled into the garage. Everything is looking great for when you are having company over. Except when you look out you have an imposing net greeting your guests. The Yard Guard easily folds up behind the post, Velcros into place and out of sight. No longer do you have to take down and store a netting system. The “no hassle” rapid storage Yard Guard can be folded up and down even by the youngest players in the family.

If there is even the slightest chance you are in need of netting containment you want to consider the Goalrilla Yard Guard. It is rugged enough to contain even the most errant shots and light enough to fold up easily after play. The Yard Guard will be your hidden gem. Questions about the yard guard or other Goalrilla accessories? Call BasketballGoalStore at 1 (800) 689-0281.

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