The Goalrilla CV60: Basketball Goal Review

CV60C Goalrilla Goal Review

CV60C Goalrilla Goal Review

The Goalrilla CV60 is the Premium selection in the Goalrilla 60” lineup. The Goalrilla CV60 features a 60”x’38” clear view tempered glass backboard,  6”x6” one-piece steel pole, and a 3’ overhang. Like all the Goalrilla systems, the CV60 is adjustable from 7.5’ to 10’ and has a tough baked on Powdercoat finish. The independent anchor system combined with the Goalrilla limited lifetime warranty make this a solid investment.


Independent Anchor System:  The Goalrilla CV60 features an independent anchor system. An independent anchor system allows you to take your investment with you if you move. The anchor system has 4 anchor bolts with 8,000 lbs of tensile strength each giving your goal a rock solid base and unmatched stability.

Tempered Glass Backboard:  If you research basketball goals you will see a lot of different backboard material, acrylic, fiberglass, polycarbonate and tempered glass to name a few. Tempered glass is the best choice for longevity and performance. The tempered glass of the Goalrilla CV60 is the same material used at the professional level. This is going to give you the rebound and backboard response that you are looking for. Tempered glass, unlike acrylic, will never haze or discolor ensuring you don’t lose that curb appeal of your goal.

One-Piece Steel Pole: A one-piece steel pole is a must to ensure stability in your hoop.The Goalrilla CV60 uses an 11 gauge one-piece steel pole.  A lot of other goals on the market use a 2 piece or even 3 piece pole system. These pieces are “swedged” or beaten together at installation. This type of pole system doesn’t allow for dunking and will begin to wobble from normal shooting. There is no repair for this, therefore, the one-piece steel pole is the only way to go to ensure longevity and gymnasium like play.

Powdercoated Finish: The Goalrilla CV60 features  a Dupont powder coated finish. A powder coated finish gives you the ultimate in rust and fade protection. Many other manufacturers use a gloss paint which will fade rapidly in the elements and is more prone to rusting. The semi-flat black powder coating on the Goalrilla CV60 will keep your goal looking nice for many years to come.

Actuator System: The actuator system, or adjusting mechanism, is an integral part of your goal. It allows the goal to be adjusted to different heights to accommodate all sizes of players. The actuator works on a worm screw so there are no extra gears to wear out. Unlike other companies who use a pneumatic system alone or combined with a screw system, the engineering of the Goalrilla allows it to work smoothly with the worm screw actuator without any other systems to assist. Combine great design with the lifetime Goalrilla warranty and you’ve got the peace of mind that this is the last basketball goal you will ever be buying.

Heavy Duty Flex Rim:  With the easy adjusting of the Goalrilla CV60 there will undoubtedly be some slam dunking going on! The Goalrilla CV60 uses a heavy duty flex rim that will take 1000lbs of torque! Now that is heavy duty! The heavy duty rim on the Goalrilla CV60 immediately flexes when a player hangs on it to take pressure off the actuator and the rest of the system. The Goalrilla CV60 features a glass cut out behind the rim so there is no rim to glass contact unlike a lot of other goals on the market. This is very important feature for safety reasons. This cut out takes away the risk of the backboard shattering from a player hanging on the rim.

3 Foot Overhang:  The Goalrilla CV60 has a 3ft. overhang. The overhang is the distance from the front of the post to the front of the backboard when the goal is set at 10’. Overhang is important to give players enough room to shoot layups and rebound under the basket without stepping off the playing surface and twisting an ankle. A 3’ overhang gives that needed playing area.

Backboard Pad and Universal Pole Pad: The Goalrilla CV60 comes with the backboard pad and universal pole pad. The CV60 backboard pad provides head protection and gives the backboard a nice gymnasium look. The Universal pole pad not only cushions the post but has a base pad that covers up the bolts after installation and provides protection during game play, and just like the backboard pad, looks really nice and gives the goal a nice finished look


When looking over this Goalrilla CV60 it is really hard to find something not to like. It is a great looking goal that performs as good as it looks. The only point I could really make is that it isn’t a 72” regulation size goal. Goalrilla does offer the CV72, the CV60’s big brother per se, if you are looking for a regulation size goal.

If a rock-solid 60” goal is what you were looking for, the Goalrilla CV60 is sure to exceed your expectations.


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