The Goalrilla GS60C vs. The Goalrilla GSIII

These two goals are both geared up with the features that have made Goalrilla the #1 residential basketball system in the world.

They both come standard with:

  • One piece 10’ steel post w/ welded gussets at the base
  • Dupont powder coated paint & corrosion resistant hardware
  • 3/8” tempered glass backboard w/ full parameter steel supported frame that includes a lifetime warranty
  • Medium weight pro-style flex breakaway rim
  • Welded board arms for maximum strength
  • All steel actuator allowing adjustment of the rim from 7’1/2- 10’
  • Anchor bolt mounting system allowing owners to take their goal with them when they relocate


gs60c v gsiii comparison

The GS60C backboard has a slightly wider design and the GSIII backboard has a taller design. Both boards are similar in square inches. The GS III design is often preferred due to the increased shooting surface above the rim, an area that gets much more play then the outer sides of the backboard.

Goalrilla Goals are available in three distinctive lines of goals based on quality & performance. The economy line is usually sold through big box stores & major retail sporting goods stores. The standard & premium lines are typically sold though specialty dealers. For many enthusiasts and professionals, the standard & premium lines offer features that are well worth the extra investment.

The GS60c falls into the economy class of goals, while the Goalrilla III falls into the standard class of Goalrillas, with the main difference being the thickness of steel, or “beefiness” of the goal, the reinforced backboard, the 3 foot rim overhang, as opposed to the  2 ½ ft overhangs that are common on the economy goals. The differences, although minor, make the GSIII preferred 50 to 1 by our customers according to owner Brad Riley, who offers both goals to customers, but rarely sells the GS60C with the 2 ½ ft rim overhang due to decreased safety and playability.

Suggested retail of these two goals is typically the same. The difference is that people who buy the economy 2 ½ ft. overhang GS60C, usually call back later to order a post pad for an additional $175-295, the pads are included on the GSIII.  For the money and the value, I give the edge to the GSIII.

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  1. mike nicolini on

    I would like a price on the GSIII and a installer in the New Orleans area if possible.

    • Lance Padgett on

      Hello Mike,

      One of our basketball goal specialists will be sending you a quoted price via email shortly. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Zane Manaa on

    I would like a quote on a GS 60C and a GSIII with an installation in the Knoxville, TN area please.

    • Lance Padgett on

      Hello Zane,

      One of our basketball goal specialists will be sending you a quoted price for the GS60c, GSIII, and installation via email shortly. Thanks for your comment!

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