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Remember when reported veteran guard Mike Bibby and Washington Wizards coach Flip Saunders were “sharing a laugh” in the locker room shortly after Bibby had been traded from the Atlanta Hawks in a late-season move?

Bibby then suited up in a Wizards uniform for an entire 29.21 minutes, scoring 1 field goal, 3 rebounds and 8 assists. I don’t know if that was the shortest Wizards or NBA team career ever, but if not, it’s in the running.

Bibby hits the door – heading for happiness

Three days later, Bibby reached a buyout agreement – beating the deadline by one day – allowing him to sign with another team – which he did – in a league minimum contract with the then-hot Miami Heat.

According to “I make the money, I decide what I do with it, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of it,” Bibby said, “It is always tough to give up money. I’ve won and lost in my career and I’m at a stage where I want to be happy.”

Apparently happiness meant going to the Heat – the contenders, in his mind. angled that even though Bibby gave up the $6.2 million in salary for 2011-12, they said if he “sticks with the Heat, it will make him more famous than he has ever been. If they win a title, or two, Bibby can carry that with him for the rest of his life. At that point, leaving all that money in the short-term doesn’t seem so bad. This is about pride, but it’s also an investment.

An investment – and going with the best.

Sounds exactly like how we look at basketball hoops here at the Basketball Goal Store. I mean, a Goalrilla Goal is a top quality product that can be a one-time investment.

You see what you think are top-of-the-line premium in-ground basketball goals at big box retailers, but when you compare the quality, you find they are, well, no match for the Goalrilla Basketball Goals you will find at the Basketball Goal Store.

And, even though Mike Bibby wasn’t thinking about money when he made his decision, YOU can save money and get a better basketball goal system at the Basketball Goal Store.

Just like Bibby, invest in the best!

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