Want to support your school’s basketball team? Be creative

We all know how the country’s economic squeeze continues to affect our schools and extracurricular programs. We also know how important extracurricular activities are for students of all ages and abilities.

The game of basketball is as American as apple pie and, thanks to the versatility of Goalrilla Basketball Goals, can be played by the tiniest basketball enthusiasts. But no matter the age of the athlete, this game offers many opportunities, such as developing physical strength and endurance.

Because basketball is also a game of strategy, it teaches players to be observant, to anticipate, to think quickly and act fast. Eye-hand coordination and gross motor skills are developed through making passes and dribbling. Life skills, such as working together, communicating, trusting, supporting and competing in a positive manner are the types of quality experiences that basketball players take into adulthood – and into jobs like those here at the Basketball Goal Store!

But as budget belts are pulled tighter, many athletic department heads, athletes and their families see quickly that creativity is a must in the financial future of sports for kids. To afford necessary conditioning equipment, new uniforms, new basketballs and travel expenses for away games, many teams depend on fundraisers.

Here is a creative way to raise cash for your team and keep great memories forever:

  • Find a talented photographer from your school’s newspaper staff or perhaps there’s a team parent who likes photography. Ask those people (more than one, if possible) to start shooting photographs of pre-game activities, practices, games and awards banquets

for all the sports at the school. Take random photos on the bus when various teams travel to and from games and events. Contact the sports photographer from your local newspaper and request any photos they have on file of your school’s football, basketball, baseball games.

  •  Set a deadline date and request that all photos be compiled on that date.
  • Form a committee to arrange the sports photos for a calendar.
  • Contact a local printing company. Many times these companies will offer heavy discounts or even print your publication for free if you trade their donation for a large ad.
  • Sell the calendars during lunch breaks at school, near the concession stand during various sporting events and through the teams and families.

People who love sports will be creative and find ways to support young athletes and their development.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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