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We all know how the country’s economic squeeze continues to affect our schools and extracurricular programs. We also know how important extracurricular activities are for students of all ages and abilities. The game of basketball is as American as apple pie and, thanks to the versatility of Goalrilla Basketball Goals, can be played by the tiniest basketball enthusiasts. But no matter the age of the athlete, this game offers many opportunities, such as developing physical strength and endurance. Because basketball is also a game of strategy, it teaches players to be observant, to anticipate, to think quickly and act fast.… Read more »

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The players and owners are taking the strike to a new level and it’s not all that funny – or fun for us basketball fans who are missing the games we love to watch! So what can we do? Well, I collected a few (pedestrian, g-rated) jokes to share with all your basketball buddies. Not all of them will tickle your fancy, but when the kids are getting unruly, you can at least pull them out for a few yuks … Question:   How do basketball players stay cool during a game? Answer: They stand near the fans! Question: What’s the… Read more »

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Ah, patience. Beginning basketball players usually don’t have any, do they? That’s one of the reasons why drills are so good for beginners and drills with shooting elements – well that just makes their hearts race. Because in the beginning, basketball is all about shooting baskets and little else. Parents tell us all the time how excited kids are to make baskets and how the Goalrilla Goal is great for everyone in the family because you can adjust the height of the hoop. That’s one of the first things we hear about when we answer the phone at the Basketball… Read more »

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