The basketball jokes on you

The players and owners are taking the strike to a new level and it’s not all that funny – or fun for us basketball fans who are missing the games we love to watch!

So what can we do? Well, I collected a few (pedestrian, g-rated) jokes to share with all your basketball buddies. Not all of them will tickle your fancy, but when the kids are getting unruly, you can at least pull them out for a few yuks …

Question:   How do basketball players stay cool during a game?
Answer: They stand near the fans!

Question: What’s the difference between a basketball player and a dog?
Answer: One drools, the other dribbles.

Question: Why do basketball players love cookies?
Answer: Because they can dunk them!

Question: What do you call a pig who plays basketball?
Answer: A ball hog.

Question: Why didn’t the nose make the basketball team?
Answer: He didn’t get picked.

Question: What does a hunter do with a basketball?
Answer: He shoots it!

Question: What do you do when you see an elephant with a basketball?
Answer: Get out of the way.

Question: What is Santa’s favorite basketball team?
Answer: The New York Old St. Nicks

There just aren’t a lot of jokes out there about basketball – I guess because it’s more fun to play than “be funny.” So while the winter sets in and the strike carries on, hit the gym at the local school or Y and get some exercise. You can develop all the ball handling skills and defensive moves you can so when spring comes you hit your own home Goalrilla Basketball Goal court ready to go. Maybe having a strike and getting on the court instead of sitting in front of the TV will be the best thing to happen to your game in a while!

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