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There’s nothing better than a highly competitive basketball game, especially when you’re surrounded by great friends and you have a great view of the court- because you happened to score some great seats. There’s an awesome energy created by the loyal fans. Everything works together- the cheering and buzzers, sudden scores out of nowhere and last-minute wins. It’s all a magical mix of incredible athletic skill that makes for some very exciting entertainment – and we’re all grateful it’s back for 2012! But have you ever wondered why the game of basketball can be such a profitable game for those… Read more »

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You know about this high-stress moment. Everybody’s eyes are on that one basketball player who is standing 19 feet from the base line and 15 feet from the basket. That player is very likely sweating bullets as he or she dribbles at the foul line. We are talking, of course, about the notorious free throw. Sometimes the shot can change the game. Sometimes it can actually even win the game. It’s the moment when fans are as quiet as they will usually ever be. And when the shot is a miss, it can be a big downer for the fans,… Read more »

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The players and owners are taking the strike to a new level and it’s not all that funny – or fun for us basketball fans who are missing the games we love to watch! So what can we do? Well, I collected a few (pedestrian, g-rated) jokes to share with all your basketball buddies. Not all of them will tickle your fancy, but when the kids are getting unruly, you can at least pull them out for a few yuks … Question:   How do basketball players stay cool during a game? Answer: They stand near the fans! Question: What’s the… Read more »

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More than 20 years ago, a slightly more wrinkled but still interested basketball player stepped up to the proverbial free throw line to advocate for all the other wrinkled athletes. This basketball lover’s name was John H. Morgan Jr. And he made history in 1987 by founding The Huntsman World Series Games for athletes over age 50. That first year, 500 athletes from around the United States happily packed a suitcase and made their way to St. George, Utah to participate. This much interest- especially during the very first gathering- convinced Morgan that he was on the right track. There… Read more »

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The Defensive Slide always looks easy on a seasoned basketball player, doesn’t it? Closing out and transitioning into another stance or direction almost seems like a natural movement. You can bet the farm that it wasn’t like for the player when he was a beginner. There is just so much to learn and master in the beginning. Beginners really benefit from a Goalrilla Goal Basketball hoop. The height can be adjusted so they learn the fundamentals without straining and the safety and durability of the one-piece pole system makes mom and dad happy because they can get years – in… Read more »

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