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In this video, basketball players are going to have set basketball goals of improving on their chest pass skills. By placing the Goalrilla G Trainer below the basketball goal, and standing at the free throw line (up to the 3 point line), players are going to use two basketballs, and are going to work on speed passing, chest passing, strength, and coordination. With a continual flow, fast pace, and non stop movement, not only does this provide a great cardio workout while using the G Trainer, it is also going to allow players to work on perfecting the chest pass,… Read more »

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The Goalrilla G Trainer is an excellent tool to assist in the practice of the basketball outlet and finish drill. The drill is used to simulate a steal and a fast break, or an outlet pass under the basketball goal. By placing the G Trainer near half-court and setting it at a steep angle, the practice player can use the Goalrilla G Trainer’s awesome flexibility to execute this drill. Using an overhand soccer-style pass, the player must bounce the basketball off of the Goalrilla G Trainer and run towards the hoop as the rebounded ball heads towards the basketball goal.… Read more »

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Oh yeah, we might whine about it. We might bite our fingernails or hyperventilate or accidentally spill the popcorn as we either cover our eyes to avoid disappointment or jump from the bench to celebrate. We go on and on about how nerve wracking it is, but we all know the truth- diehard basketball fans live for a close game. Our hearts nearly beat out of our chests when we are lucky enough to be part of the crowd, in a suspense-filled auditorium, where the loud speaker squawks about the game going into overtime. That’s right- it can be only… Read more »

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Sometimes it’s impossible to trace back to where and how something began. Maybe that’s not always important information.  Sometimes we can just be entertained by the fact that someone somewhere started a tradition for a basketball game that lives on and brings lots of entertainment along the way and the Basketball Goal Store staff is all for entertainment and basketball! We didn’t say, however, that all of these traditions are necessarily “nice.” For example, at the University of Houston during the starting line-up for the opposing team, Cougar fans immerse themselves in reading copies of The Cougar Daily. As an… Read more »

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There’s nothing better than a highly competitive basketball game, especially when you’re surrounded by great friends and you have a great view of the court- because you happened to score some great seats. There’s an awesome energy created by the loyal fans. Everything works together- the cheering and buzzers, sudden scores out of nowhere and last-minute wins. It’s all a magical mix of incredible athletic skill that makes for some very exciting entertainment – and we’re all grateful it’s back for 2012! But have you ever wondered why the game of basketball can be such a profitable game for those… Read more »

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There’s a lot of hype out there about power drinks. We know this because it’s a kabillion-dollar industry, with marketing trends often targeting young athletes. Understandably, serious athletes want to pay attention to what they should guzzle while shooting hoops at home under the Goalrilla Basketball Goal on a hot summer day or playing an intense championship game. No one wants to end up weak-kneed and wobbly from over-exertion. It not only affects your game, it’s also hard on your body. Because more than 70% of the human body is composed of water, the dangers of dehydration are very real.… Read more »

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In the heat of a basketball game, low post moves can account for baskets and scores that mean the difference between winning – and losing. Being ready if an opportunity arises takes a good “basketball sense” but also by having prepared for the eventuality that you know will come. The Low Post Moves Drill is a great way to prepare and to learn new moves on your Goalrilla Goal Basketball home court. If you have someone who can toss the ball to you, that’s great. If not, a wall can serve that purpose so this is one drill you can… Read more »

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Rebounding is a big part of a basketball game. Coaches want players to grab the ball with both hands, power through and maintain a good well-balanced and stable body position. The Backboard Ball Touches Rebounding Drill does all that and more. All you need is a basketball and the basketball goal. Players of all sizes can be successful with this drill with the height adjustable Goalrilla Goal Basketball goal. It adjusts from 7.5 to 10 feet so players of all sizes can practice this drill for intermediate and advanced level players. The Basketball Goal Store is the largest on-line retailer… Read more »

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