Win the basketball game with low post moves perfected in the Low Post Moves Drill

In the heat of a basketball game, low post moves can account for baskets and scores that mean the difference between winning – and losing. Being ready if an opportunity arises takes a good “basketball sense” but also by having prepared for the eventuality that you know will come.

The Low Post Moves Drill is a great way to prepare and to learn new moves on your Goalrilla Goal Basketball home court.

If you have someone who can toss the ball to you, that’s great. If not, a wall can serve that purpose so this is one drill you can execute on your own. It is perfect for the driveway basketball court especially for brick houses because you can bounce the ball off the house.

The Drill:

  • The player will start directly under the basket with a basketball in hand. He will cut toward one low post block, touch it with his foot and then head toward the other block.
  • As the player heads to occupy the low post position, on the opposite low post block, the player will toss the ball out (underhanded) in front of the block with a back spin motion.
  • As the player arrives on the block, he will focus on receiving the simulated passing motion into his hands as the ball bounces back toward his position.
  • The player should focus on simultaneously catching the basketball while stepping with the pass directly into the low post move motion.
  • Once the player executes the move (of his choice) and retrieves the basketball from the net, he will cut toward the low post block he executed the move from, touch it with his foot and then head toward the other block.
  • The player then repeats the practice on the other side of the basketball goal.

Rotating from one side to another for 2 minutes, the player works both the dominant and non-dominant sides developing greater strength and agility in both.

Consistent and smooth movement is the goal and hallmark for good low post moves. Integrate moves you want to strengthen and new ones you want to learn. Good position is a must staying on the balls of the feet and keeping arms blocking and signaling to the passer.

Some possible moves to incorporate into the practice include:

  • Drop Step (into Lane or Baseline)
  • Power Layup
  • Jump shot
  • Jump Hook
  • Up and Under Move
  • Ball Fake

Keeping the center of gravity low and maintaining a good, stable position during the drill makes it second nature in game play. Once again, practice is the key to great playing!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team


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