Time on the basketball court teaches many things besides basketball skills

What lock out?

College ball is not far away and watching the building of teams is exciting – there are so many combinations of strong players being set that strong championship contenders are not a sure slam dunk for any one team.

Some graduating seniors left holes that are being filled with big shoes like Andre Drummond joining UCon. On ESPN, Coach Jim Calhoun said his team is more talented right now than last season’s. Big statement.

You know that players who are making names for themselves today in college ball were kids spending hours drilling and shooting baskets – some doing so for 15 or more years. Some were handed basketballs that were bigger and heavier than they could handle at the time – but later became a natural extension like a handshake.

Jimmer Fredette was the Sporting News’ 2011 College Basketball Player of the Year. Just watching him leap over the other players is an amazing thing – which lead to the phrase about being “jimmered.” A fun little stat, but none the less an honor and distinction that he will always have.

Jimmers and Andres don’t just happen. Build a Goalrilla Goal home basketball court and they will come (OK, I know that’s a baseball reference, but it works here, too). Perhaps your son or daughter won’t ever achieve the Andre or Jimmer level (nor may they want to) but they will develop other things:

  • knowledge that they feel better when they exercise on a regular basis
  • understanding that skills are learned and developed with consistent practice
  • belief that practice builds confidence and a good self-image
  • dedication and commitment to a team
  • value of working to everyone’s strengths on a team
  • humility of doing your best and not winning
  • compassion for the other team when you do your best – and win.

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As the NCAA basketball season gets revved up this year, think about all the good things that basketball could bring to your house next spring.  It might just be a holiday surprise for the whole family!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team



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